Love yourself in the mirror and elsewhere…


Loving yourself is one of the Pillars of Happiness. But you will grasp even more how important it is as you think about the following assertion, which you have certainly already heard: you cannot love others if you can’t love yourself. Loving each other means… Loving yourself does not mean that you are individualistic or […]

How I, Padre, can help you find happiness


Not all the rich, famous and powerful people are happy. There is a very simple explanation: Happiness cannot be bought, but it is rather won – in other words: deserved. For many years now, I’ve been guiding those who trust me on the way to the happiness they aspire to. That is why I’ve decided […]

3 practical pieces of advice to experience well-being


Every one of us aspires to a better life, a peaceful existence in which dreams and reality come together. To make it materialize, several paths can be followed but it is not easy to find them. Today, I will unveil 3 tips that will guide you on your way to happiness. Here they are! Well-being […]

Spiritual Advice to be happy: pray to give thanks


Praying can be “requesting”. And if praying means “requesting something with faith for someone else”, the prayer in question will most often be answered. But praying for yourself can and must only be used to give thanks. Praying is giving thanks But giving thanks to whom? Give thanks in accordance with your belief. You can […]