Katakamukha, the mudra of reward


Protection, serenity, wisdom… all this is literally within reach thanks to this ancestral knowledge. Discover the secret science of Mudras (ritual gestures using a hand developed over the centuries by the Greatest Yogis! Katakamukha, a protective mudra It is translated by “opening a bracelet”. Meaning: collecting flowers. Ritual: Perform this gesture on a waxing-moon night […]

Words of Wisdom


Whatever can be done another day can be done today! Montaigne

7 Secrets to lead a successful life in 7 days


The path to Happiness is often the culmination of a lifetime. But, are we really sure to reach it? There are shortcuts, well-kept secrets that enable us to access success in just one week. You will be amazed to see how easy it is to put these secrets into practice – when you know them. […]

The 12 well-being Rules


The path that leads to well-being is not always easy to follow. Before you can do that, you often need to tread unknown roads that may sometimes be perilous. But the satisfaction of having succeeded and a feeling of well-being await you at the end of the journey! Here are 12 rules that will help […]