Blue Aura Meaning and main traits

Blue Aura Meaning

Once you’ve learned to see your aura and the auras of others, the first thing you realize is that seeing auras is just the tip of the iceberg. An aura can appear as any number of different colors and each color has a range of shades. Just like in blue, a Blue Aura. So what […]

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12 Chakras! Discover the higher chakras of your energy system

12 chakras

Many people are familiar with the 7 chakras system and it’s okay if you have not heard of the 12 chakras system as it is relatively a new idea. To fully understand the energy of your body, you need to know also about the 12 chakras. They add depth and insight to the understanding of […]

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Learn how to Open Your Crown Chakra


The crown chakra is the 7th chakra, which is situated on the very top of your head. It is the highest chakra out of the 7 chakras in your body. Let’s discover more about it in this article! Importance of the 7th Chakra It is known as the center of trust, inspiration, happiness, devotion, and […]

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How to Perform a Chakra test to Check for Energy Imbalance!

Chakra Test

If only there was some sort of Chakra test you could use to check for an imbalance…Luckily, that’s exactly what we’re going to explore today.  Chakras are the 7 energy hubs that exist within all of us. They allow spiritual energy to flow uninterrupted from one end of our body to the other. However, these hubs […]

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Chakra Healing with Metatron’s Cube

Metatron's Cube

You must be wondering what Metatron’s Cube is? It is a geometric instrument through which energy flows. It owns the Archangel Metatron who is the Angel of life. This cube has all the shapes inscribed in it that are a part of God’s creation. These shapes represent all the things that God has created. Metatron’s […]

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Heart Chakra Healing – Learn different techniques to heal your heart chakra

Heart Chakra Healing

This article will focus specifically on heart chakra healing. If you’re new to chakras or need a reminder: Chakras are simply spiritual energy hubs that exist within our body. While being spiritual, a blocked chakra has physical and psychological manifestations. To avoid this, we need to heal or clear our chakras every so often to […]

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Divine Love Meditation and When to Use It

divine love meditation

Your aura is as much a part of you as your body, mind, or soul. It is often described as an electromagnetic field that surrounds the body but more accurately, it’s a reflection of your spirituality and energy levels. In this article, we will explore how to spot a damaged aura. We’ll also take a […]

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What Does a Tingle on Top of the Head Mean?

tingle on the top of the head

In the world of spirituality, anything could be a potential sign of some spiritual change taking place. In order to best approach these signs and deal with them in a healthy manner, it is best to be knowledgeable about what they could mean. Perhaps one of the more common signs is a tingle on top of […]

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How to revitalize your energy centers

revitalize your energy centers

Do you continuously feel tired? To get out of this vicious circle and restore your inner being’s vigor, there is a simple means you can put into practice in order to clean and rebalance and revitalize your energy centers. Explore full awareness and get back in shape! Why should you seek to awaken your energy […]

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Peridot Stone Guide


There are many stones and gems in the world that look otherworldly and for many, their appearance is the extent of this truth. In the case of the Peridot crystal, however, there are examples of these gems have arrived on Earth from 4.5 billion years of traveling around our solar systems: remnants of its formation. […]

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How to Achieve faster a Positive Mindset?

Positive Mindset

Learning to develop a positive mindset doesn’t have to be a challenging process. By making small and simple changes to your habits, intentions, and mindset, you’ll begin to notice yourself feeling more positive in no time at all. Before we dive in, let’s take a moment to consider what it actually means to be positive.   The benefits of positivity […]

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A Guide to Chakra Cleansing

chakra cleansing

This article will focus on Chakra cleansing. If you’re unsure about what a chakra is or why a chakra cleanses is necessary, don’t worry. This article will explain it all. It will look at what chakras are, to begin with before moving on to why your chakras may be closed or unclean, and how to clean […]

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What are the Aura Personalities colors?

Aura Personalities

Your aura is a type of spiritual shield that surrounds all living things and protects them from negative energy. We can influence the strength of our auras by increasing our vibrational energy through healthy eating, meditation, affirmations, and other spiritual practices, thus the aura personalities all this by being represented by different colors. Discover them […]

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What does it mean to Open your Third Eye?

What Does it Mean to Open your Third Eye

We often hear people discussing the Third Eye. We hear the term being used in relation to consciousness, expanded consciousness, being awakened, spirituality, psychic powers, and much more. Spiritual teachers and gurus will often be depicted in art with a third eye located on their forehead. We even see reference to the Third Eye within Chakras, […]

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Red Aura meaning and its main traits

Red Aura Guide

The color of an aura can reflect some interesting information about any given person. Whether you can see a blue aura, red aura, green aura, yellow aura, or any other color of the aura meaning, each can tell you something slightly different. However, certain colors also appear in various shades which can complicate matters slightly. […]

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How to Open your Third Eye!

How to Open your Third Eye

Are you familiar with the third eye? This aspect of your body, mind, and spirit is often used to ridicule those who take part in spiritual practices. So, How to Open your Third Eye? Really, it’s believed to be the part of us responsible for spiritual and psychic abilities, particularly in relation to contacting spiritual beings. […]

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How to unblock chakras – A Beginner’s Guide to Free-Flowing Spiritual Energy

how to unblock chakras

Learning how to unblock Chakras isn’t as complicated as it sounds, and so we’re going to walk you through the process from start to finish. Blocked Chakras can lead to many problems. Unfortunately, a blockage can be incredibly subtle, and many people are completely unaware that their spiritual energy isn’t flowing freely. Learning to spot […]

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Citrine Gemstone Guide – Use it for healing your Chakras


The Citrine gemstone is an incredible looking gem: with its transparent pale yellow or light brown color, it’s no wonder that some people refer to it as “the Light Maker”. Of course, admiration of its beauty is only a small part of what this stone can offer. In this article, we will be exploring the […]

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Soul Star Chakra Stones – Gateway to Divine Love

Soul Star Chakra

You need to ensure that your spiritual abilities keep on developing to maintain a good balance in life. The star chakra stones help you keep the balance by keeping a good connection with your higher self.  Discover now more about the Soul Star Chakra Stones What is the Soul Star Chakra? This 8th chakra is associated with […]

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Activating Your Earth Star Chakra

Earth Star Chakra

Activating your Earth Star Chakra is important as it has the potential to help you meditate, open your heart, and take step consciously in an effective and efficient manner. Not only can you activate your Chakra but, other chakras can also be activated to further enhance the abilities mentioned above. The path that leads you to […]

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How to See Aura for Beginners – Learn more about Aura and Chakras

how to see aura for beginners

 Aura is the name given to the multi-layered energy field that surrounds your physical body. You can think of it as a sort of spiritual energy field that receives energy from its connected chakras. Usually, aura remains elusive from our 5 main senses but in this article, we will teach you the basics of how […]

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Sacral Chakra Healing – The 20 Methods you should know!

sacral chakra healing

The 7 spiritual power hubs of your human body are known as chakras. They are the centers of energy that move around in your physical body. Out of these 7 chakras, there is a chakra called the “Sacral Chakra” which is the second primary chakra in the body. Each chakra is responsible for a specific […]

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Solar Plexus Chakra Healing – 21 Techniques that you should look at!

solar plexus chakra healing

Chakras are 7 centers of our body that make us who we are and control us. The Solar Plexus chakra is located beneath the rib cage, which is also known as the Manipura chakra. It is the main central hub which controls our self-esteem, willpower, and confidence. Often it happens that you do not know what […]

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