12 Chakras! Discover the higher chakras of your energy system

12 chakras

Many people are familiar with the 7 chakras system and it’s okay if you have not heard of the 12 chakras system as it is relatively a new idea. To fully understand the energy of your body, you need to know also about the 12 chakras.

They add depth and insight to the understanding of how these chakras function to balance the life energies. The 12 chakras can be found inside or outside of your body.

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What is the 12 chakras system?

Being a relatively new system, it does not have any unified understanding. It is driven by modern perspectives which are expressed by energy workers. The name suggests that there must be 12 chakras, but in reality, there are 13 chakras in the 12 chakras system. So, it can be, referred to as the 0 – 12 chakras system.

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2 main categories that divide the 12 chakras system

  • The first category locates the 5 additional chakras, other than the primary chakras, outside the body. These are located at the end of the spine up to the crown. This includes one chakra below the root and the rest of the 5 above the crown.
  • The second category includes all the 12 chakras to be located inside the human body which locates the additional 5 chakras in between the primary 7 chakras.

Although there are 2 categories in which the chakras can be seen, the first category is mostly used and referred to as the correct one. However, both of them can be applied and used to interpret.

Connection with the Universe with the 12 chakras

To gain a vision of your connection with the universe in detail, the 12 chakras system is used. All living beings on Earth are linked to the universe; from the atmosphere to outer space.

You can drive energies from the outside of your body to use as healing remedies.

The 12 Chakras meaning

The 12 chakras system is connected to the energy that channels from your head, down the spine, and into the Earth. This channel of energy also connects the sun and the center of the universe with our bodies to resonate the energies from these beings.

This helps in maintaining a functioning 12 chakras system, which freely transfers and transmits the energies from one place to the other without any obstruction being caused.

The Root Chakra

Situated at the base of the spine, the root chakra helps you get a homely feeling in all kinds of situations. The feeling of home, that you get on Earth, is controlled by this chakra; it makes you feel secure.

When this chakra is not active, you feel insecure, nervous, and fearful. When overactive, this chakra makes you want to have added security by increasing the possession of the things that provide you with a sense of security.

The Sacral Chakra

Situated in the naval area, the sacral chakra controls the feelings of pleasure and sexuality. When active, you can be more intimate with yourself and with others. It controls your passion for sex, abundance, pleasure, and learning to let go.

When inactive, you feel detached and unemotional. It feels very surreal to even feel anything as if it does not carry any meaning. When over-active, you feel hyper and over-emotional.

You must have come across people who get emotional very quickly; it is due to their sacral chakra being over-active.

The Solar Plexus Chakra

Being self-confident and in control is associated with your solar plexus chakra. It is the source within you that generates courage and boosts up your confidence when you run low on it.

When it is under-active, you feel indecisive about things, and making decisions becomes a tedious and never-ending task for you. However, when over-active, you become arrogant and want to be the dominant person in your group.

Your whole personality is dependent on this chakra and knowing how to control it is a huge benefit regarding what people may think of you.

The Heart Chakra

Love, kindness, affection, and your ability to socially interact with people are controlled by the heart chakras. Located in the center of your body, it controls all your emotions. When open, you work in harmony and your nature is very friendly.

Your friends and colleagues find you very compassionate. However, when it is inactive, the heart closes and does not let anyone in. Thus, you have a sense of being what people call “cold-hearted.”

You do not trust anyone and cannot carry conversations successfully.

The Throat Chakra

Your communications skills and methods are all controlled by the throat chakra. How you express yourself in front of others, your writing skills, and your artistic expressions are all associated with this chakra. People who are introverts have their throat chakras closed.

However, people who talk a lot and can express their feelings easily, have functioning throat chakras. You might have also come across people who only talk and keep talking without listening to others… these people have an over-active chakra.

The Third-Eye Chakra

Located in the center of your forehead, the third-eye chakra is the center of the higher faculties of the mind. Such as your intuition, your mind, your psychic abilities, and your feelings of guidance.

When these chakras open, you feel, sense, and see beyond the norm. Your visualization becomes very creative and unnatural in an unrealistic way.

Your energy beyond your physical energy is controlled by these chakras, and it helps you make everyday decisions that you are entitled to make. Fantasy, hallucinations, and your connection with the subconscious are all part of the job of the third eye.

The Crown Chakra

Your spiritual practices which have to mean and depth are connected through the crown chakra. It connects your higher self to your higher chakras. Being connected to the spiritual realm and aligning yourself with the purpose for which you were sent to Earth, results in a balanced crown chakra.

When closed, you feel lost and have no connection with the Divine. You feel as if your life has no meaning and you have difficulty trying to connect with the angels and God.

However, when open, you have a sense of enlightenment, and you feel as if your connection with the Divine is very strong. You do not feel lost or abandoned.

The Soul Star Chakra

This chakra is called the “Seat of the Soul.” This soul star chakra is located outside the body, and when active, it is connected to all the other 7 chakras placed inside the body. This chakra helps you feel the Divine love and connect with it.

Before the Divine light falls upon you and your physical being, it falls upon this chakra. Hence, all the divinity that exists within you comes from the Soul Star Chakra which transmits it within your body.

It is the source of divine light that enters your body and forms a major part of your Divine beliefs. You can also access the Akashic records with the help of this chakra.

The Earth Star Chakra

Being the center of the Kundalini forces, this chakra only awakens by spiritual practices. Otherwise, it is almost always sleeping. But, if you are a regular practitioner, then this chakra can always be active.

Your soul gifts and beliefs allow you to realize the full extent of your abilities. You would not be able to achieve this without the activation of the Earth Star Chakra.

Therefore, you should keep practicing your spiritual beliefs to keep this chakra active and running. It helps let the Divine light flow through your body and soul.

The Universal Chakra

Being the access point of the infinite flow of creation, this chakra provides a path for you to connect with the Divine light to align yourself with the physical being of this universe.

A major step in your awakening is run by this chakra for spiritual evolution. By connecting with this chakra, you feel less impacted by the energies in your surrounding and gain the capability to change and influence the energies that surround you.

Thus, you can reduce the negative energies and fill your environment with positive energies to have high vibrational frequencies. It will make it easier for you to have a subtle mind and connect with the Divine for spiritual guidance.

The Galactic Chakra

Teleportation, bi-location, and traveling beyond the limits of time and space, are all associated with the Galactic Chakra. It is referred to as the “Channel for Prophecy.”

You can go anywhere and learn to communicate with the highest beings that descend upon you. You can learn to heal, and gain insight into your present existence with the help of the beings from the spiritual realm.

Having an active Galactic Chakra helps balance your life with the Earth and the higher beings in the spiritual realm.

The Divine Gateway Chakra

The direct connection of your inner being with the source of all energies is incomplete if your Divine Gateway Chakra is closed. These chakras provide the highest communication method that you can have with the Divine.

It opens the gates to other worlds for you to explore. Activating this chakra allows the blessings from the Divine to flow upon you. This is the time of Divine awakening and it gives you a chance to grow spiritually and advance towards spirituality.

12 chakras chart

Earth, Universe, and 12 chakras

The core of the 12 chakras system is that all the beings in the world are a part of the whole. Everyone is linked to the Earth and the universe via a sort of thin cable that starts from the roots of the Earth and goes up to the atmosphere and outer space.

It links everything together to make ONE WHOLE. The 12 chakras allow you to access energies from beyond your body and get in touch with a vast variety of dimensions for human experiences.

The light that shines upon you and through you via the higher energies flows from the Soul Star Chakras to your Crown Chakras and then to the primary chakras located inside the body. The light then continues to shine until it reaches the center of the Earth.

After flowing through the center of the Earth, it again flows through the Earth Star Chakra and your Root Chakra towards your spinal cord. It then flows towards your Crown Chakra to your head.

From there it will go into the atmosphere and there up to the Divine and all the energy connected with it.

The balance between Divinity and Spirituality

Once the whole process is completed, the Divine light has fully entered your body and soul, and you will feel a deep connection with the spiritual realm. You will feel more enlightened and at peace.

It is a never-ending cycle that keeps repeating itself to ensure a balance of divinity and spirituality in your life to guide you to walk on the right path.

The 12 chakras system ensures a balance of energy and awakens your spiritual abilities to gain a deeper insight into your abilities to a fuller extent. Once that is achieved, you will be more enlightened and will make use of your abilities to make better use of your life.

You will ensure that the reason you were sent to Earth is being fulfilled with the utmost effort needed.

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