The 12 Archangels and Their Zodiac Connections

12 archangels

In this article, we will cover a basic overview of the zodiac signs and their corresponding 12 archangels, with a little information on each.  Many people are unaware that the archangels (at least the 12 main ones) correspond to each zodiac sign.

So, depending on your zodiac sign, you’ll have a unique archangel to someone born under a different zodiac. We’ll also briefly cover the difference between angels and archangels. By the end of this article, you will have an answer to the question: who is my guardian angel by birthdate?

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Why know the names of the 12 archangels?

Before we jump straight in, you may be wondering what an archangel is. The difference between angels and archangels is quite simply ranking. All angels are messengers of God but archangels are of the highest caliber.

They play a larger role in God’s interaction with mankind. So let’s look at these 12 angels.

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The connection between the Archangels and the Zodiac Signs

Each of the 12 main Archangels holds a powerful connection to a zodiac sign! There are 12 zodiac signs, and each possesses a corresponding Archangel. This means that no matter what zodiac you fall under, you will be represented by one of these angelic beings.

Through connecting with your Archangel, you can form a stronger connection to your zodiac. The term ‘Archangel’ dates to ancient Greece where it was used as a reference to a ‘chief angel’.

These angels were leaders among the angels, but they also played pivotal roles in the management of the universe. An Archangel will be responsible for any aspect of existence, such as communication, healing, time, death, and more.

In a way, they are the most fundamental aspects of the universe and represent sentient energy that guides the flow of all life. You could think of the Archangels as being elements of a ticking clock.

Without them, the clock won’t tick. In this analogy, God would be the clockmaker, and humanity would be somebody checking the time, reliant on the moving of the clock’s hands.

So, why is there an Archangel assigned to each of the 12 zodiac signs? To answer that, we must consider what the zodiac signs represent, and how this relates to the role of each Archangel.

What is a Zodiac Sign?

The zodiac is a powerful spiritual tool. It appears throughout many ancient cultures, and while the specifics of this form may vary, it’s almost always represented by 12 aspects.

One clear example of this would be the difference between the Western zodiac and the Eastern/Chinese zodiac. Although both systems date back to ancient times and were birthed thousands of miles apart from one another, they carry the same basic structure.

Western zodiac

The Western zodiac comes from Ancient Greece and Rome. It includes the signs:

Each zodiac represents a section of the yearly cycle. The moment of your birth aligns with one of these zodiac signs and offers some insight into the type of person you will be, and the type of life you will lead.

 Chinese zodiac

The Chinese zodiac comes from Ancient China. It includes the signs:

  • Rat,
  • Ox,
  • Tiger,
  • Rabbit,
  • Dragon,
  • Snake,
  • Horse,
  • Sheep,
  • Monkey,
  • Rooster,
  • Dog,
  • Pig.

Unlike the Western zodiac, each of these signs represents a whole year. Being born in a certain year associates a person with a sign. For example, being born in 1990 associates you with the horse sign, while being born in 1991 associates you with the sheep sign.

Arguably, a person could be associated with both the Western zodiac and the Chinese zodiac without the signs contradicting each other, but generally, people focus on just one zodiac system.

Archangels associated with your zodiac sign

Azrael and the Capricorn Sign (December 22st – January 19th)

We’ll start off with the beginning (and the end) of the year: Capricorn. Out of the 12 archangels, Azrael was selected to watch over those born under this sign.

An archangel has many primary duties to their wards, but Azrael also plays a special role in helping souls with their transition from the physical world to the spiritual world.

Uriel and the Aquarius Sign (January 20th – February 18th)

The next of the 12 archangels we will look at is Uriel. Her name literally means “the light of God”. Beyond watching over her Aquarius wards, Uriel aims to help humanity along its spiritual path to enlightenment.

She navigates lost souls back towards their correct path by lighting the way with her divine flame.

Sandalphon and the Pisces Sign (February 19th – March 20th)

Next of the zodiac angels is Sandalphon, the archangel of Pisces. While all angels are messengers of God, Sandalphon has a special connection with the Almighty.

This allows him to aid his wards in reaching out to God in unique and effective ways: Making sure his wards receive an answer. Similarly, Sandalphon encourages and aids creativity. Not just in prayer but also in poetry, music, and art.

Ariel and the Aries Sign (March 21st – April 19th)

Of all 12 archangels, Aries (or the ram) is connected to Ariel. There are many archangel symbols, but the archangel Ariel symbol is perhaps most noticeable. Her oneness with nature allows her to influence animals and plants alike.

Often, she uses nature as a form of communication. She encourages her wards to live green lives, helping to cultivate and protect nature wherever possible.

Chamuel and the Taurus Sign (April 20th – May 20th)

The next of our 12 archangels is Chamuel. Don’t worry if you haven’t heard of this archangel, he often works out of sight. His primary goals are to protect and provide a sense of love and compassion throughout the world, particularly for his wards.

You can call upon him whenever you’re weighed down by burdens, stress, tension, or fear, like a typical Taurus.

Zadkiel and the Gemini Sign (May 21st – June 21st)

Many zodiac angels are associated more strongly with other aspects of spirituality. Of the 12 archangels, this is most true for Zadkiel. His renown comes from his connection to the Violet Flame (also known as the Seventh Ray).

As Gemini, he is capable of gifting anyone (particularly his wards) with higher vibrational energy levels as well as alleviating them of negative energy.

Gabriel and the Cancer Sign (June 22st – July 22th)

Gabriel is perhaps the most well-known of the 12 archangels. This is mainly due to his interactions with notable religious figures. Gabriel can help those who are trying to find a fresh start.

He can guide the lost onto a path of spirituality and enlightenment as well as aid the creatives in their outlets such as writing, teaching, or painting, like a true Cancer.

Raziel and the Leo Sign (July 23rd – August 22nd)

Those born under the Leo zodiac sign are lucky enough to have Raziel as their archangel. He has access to deeply secret and hidden universal knowledge.

This can be used to achieve greater spiritual enlightenment but also to satisfy many of our mortal curiosities. Furthermore, he can help his wards to develop psychic abilities and clear their own negative energy with ease.

Metatron and the Virgo Sign (August 23rd – September 22nd)

Metatron offers his wards a unique insight into the history of the universe. As record-keeper for God, his notes offer insight into many forgotten practices that still provide incredibly useful functions.

For example, he understands how we can best tap into the pure light within us and strengthens our connection with higher vibrational beings. He also provides a unique connection between Heaven and Earth. He truly represents a typical Virgo.

Jophiel and the Libra Sign (September 23rd – October 2th)

Jophiel is perhaps most well-known for her kind nature. Where some may debate the cup being half empty or half full, Jophiel would simply see the benefit of having whatever is given to us.

She provides light and positivity to any situation. Sometimes, when we feel lost or scared, we lose sight of the natural wonder and beauty of the world. This is where Jophiel provides the biggest impact for her wards, thus closely connecting to Libra.

Jeremiel and the Scorpio Sign (October 24th – November 21st)

The archangel Jeremiel is perhaps the most likely of the 12 archangels to visit you via visions and dreams. This relates to his understanding of psychic abilities.

For those who ask for his help, Jeremiel can aid in dream interpretation, accessing past (and sometimes future) memories as well as developing psychic abilities, thus the direct relation to Scorpio.

Raguel and the Sagittarius Sign (November 22nd – December 21st)

Raguel is a rather unique archangel in that he is often described as the “chief” archangel, with God giving him authority over the others. He focuses his attention on creating harmony and order from chaos.

Where there are family disputes, a lack of cooperation among colleagues, or unfair treatment among friends, Raguel will be there to aid and guide, such as Sagittarius.

The Zodiac as a Life Path

The best way to understand the connection between Archangels and the Zodiac signs is to view the zodiac as a representation of life paths. Being born under Virgo or Leo is like choosing a career in science or sport.

It’s a vague path that gives you an idea of the journey but doesn’t necessarily reveal specific aspects of a person’s life. When we consult an astrological chart, the zodiac sign is just one of many, many aspects that indicate the personality, life path, and destiny of an individual.

However, each zodiac can indicate the general personality of a person, their strengths, and their weaknesses. Our strengths are the gifts that we’re born with to help us best serve humanity.

Part of any spiritual journey is discovering how to use these gifts for that purpose, rather than for selfish pursuits. For example, somebody born with confidence or charisma could become a teacher (spiritual or otherwise), but they could also use such gifts to the benefit of themselves for material gains.

Our weaknesses reveal the deeper aspect of the connection these signs have to Archangels. We often think of weaknesses as being flaws.

Weaknesses are indicators of the obstacles and challenges we must overcome in life to progress along our spiritual path. This is where the role of the Archangels becomes most noticeable.

The Role of the 12 Archangels within Zodiac Signs

If we think about zodiac signs as representing a path through life, then it begins to make sense why an Archangel is associated with each one. Much like how zodiac signs represent personality, strengths, and weaknesses, each Archangel also has an area of focus.

For example, Archangel Gabriel is associated with communication, and so it makes sense that he would help those who perhaps struggle to be understood. Archangels are different from Guardian Angels though.

They tend to be less personally involved with our lives. That’s not to say that they won’t appear when they’re needed, or offer guidance or support when called upon, but these roles will often be assigned to other angels by the Archangel unless their power is invoked.

You can also pray to an Archangel in the same way you would any other angel, which means that if you’re struggling with an aspect of your spiritual journey, you can reach out to them.

Primary and Secondary Archangels

We’re only going to focus on the primary Archangels associated with your zodiac sign. But it’s useful to note that other Archangels still play an important role in your spiritual development.

This works similarly to your zodiac sign, in that you’ll have a sun sign (the zodiac sign allocated to you based on the date of your birth), but also a moon sign (based on the zodiac the moon is in at the moment of your birth).

Your secondary Archangels offer the following types of guidance:

  • A Life Lesson – This Archangel will help you learn about a specific aspect of life. For example, if Aries was your teacher for this part of your journey, you may learn about love.
  • Wisdom – This Archangel will offer you wisdom in a certain area. Wisdom differs from learning in that it is about a shift in perception. If we use Aries as an example again, you may be imparted wisdom about the nature of love which could cause you to understand love in a different way.
  • Color Ray – This final Archangel represents a rather abstract aspect of your being. They will shine their light or energy upon you through life to provide you with a deeper connection to an aspect of your spirituality. For example, they may aid you in removing negative energy or repairing any damage to your aura.

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