Sagittarius horoscope and the archangel Raguel

sagittarius horoscope

For those of you born between the Sagittarius horoscope dates of November 22nd – December 21st, this puts you under the Sagittarius zodiac sign. Sagittarius’s horoscope covers a wide range of ideas and issues.

This article will look at the Sagittarius horoscope personality and how this differs from the Sagittarius daily horoscope. We’ll also cover the Guardian angel of those with the Sagittarius zodiac sign: the archangel Raguel.

Here we will look at general information about this archangel. As well as how you can perform the archangel Raguel prayer. Whether you are a Sagittarius or not, this information can be useful for expanding your knowledge of all things horoscope-related. The best place to start, however, is the history of the Sagittarius zodiac sign.

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History of the Sagittarius Horoscope

It’s interesting to note that while the Sagittarius zodiac sign usually depicts a centaur, its matching constellation does not. For this reason, the origins of Sagittarius may be a little different from what you may expect. There are essentially two main origin stories relating to the constellation itself.

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You have Crotus (whose father was Pan). This satyr was as talented an archer as he was a musician. As a human, Crotus was raised by Muses and had thoroughly impressed him with his raw musical ability.

So upon his death, Zeus was convinced to put Crotus in the sky. At this moment Zeus gave him horse legs. He also supplied him with a bow and arrow in recognition of his archery skills.

The first Astrologer Chiron

On the other hand, there is the story of Chiron (whose father was Saturn). Famously, he was the first astrologer. He is also one of the many star signs with a connection to Hercules.

Chiron was an immortal healer who made a grave sacrifice. After a group of centaurs stole his wine, Hercules began to hunt them down with poisonous arrows.

Completely by accident, an arrow hit Chiron who was actually a friend of Hercules. Due to his immortality, Chiron couldn’t die…but he could suffer. Eventually, the pain became too much for him and so he pleaded to Zeus to give Prometheus his immortality instead.

This allowed Chiron to die and he got his spot in the stars for his sacrifice. The Sagittarius horoscope personality aspect of this article will return to this in more detail. For now, let us take a look at the archangel Raguel.

The Archangel Raguel

Much like the others, the Sagittarius horoscope comes with its own Guardian Angel. Often known as the angel of Justice, archangel Raguel literally translates as “friend of God”. He is an angel who will often provide the decision of whether something is fair.

The literature states that his favorite quote is “When is a punishment a crime?” This reflects his desire for a truly just decision. This archangel will also try to bring the fight to unjust aspects of the world.

Many find that the horoscope for Sagittarius will often be guided by this archangel into providing aid to these areas. Unfair disadvantages such as poverty, lack of human rights, illness, or even things like tackling damage to the environment.

So if you are a Sagittarius then you may feel that you too possess this drive to help bring justice to the world. The Sagittarius horoscope personality often involves such guidance from the archangel Raguel. So if you feel a nudge to do some good deeds or to help the disadvantaged, don’t fight it.

This is just your nature and you may even be getting a push from your Guardian Angel. You will find your reward for carrying out such positive actions will be positive feelings and emotions.

Let’s look at how you can carry out the archangel Raguel prayer to contact your Guardian Angel.

Praying to the Archangel Raguel

So how does one contact this angel? As with any sort of prayer, it’s a personal endeavor. There are no words to memorize or positions or locations to be in. Simply reach out to archangel Raguel internally and you will receive guidance.

If you need help with an unjust situation, focus your thoughts and energy on that. The fact that it is unjust will help guide your Guardian Angel to you. His need for balance and fairness will aid in your decision-making on how to handle whatever scenario you find yourself in.

If you need a hand you may find here more details on how to pray to Angels. Finally, a look at what traits you may find in a Sagittarius horoscope personality.

The Sagittarius Horoscope Personality and traits

So if you are born between the Sagittarius horoscope dates then this profile will apply to you. Remember that this is slightly different from your Sagittarius daily horoscope as it focuses on more long-term traits.

If you recall Chiron from your origins, you will see where some of your traits originate. For starters, nobody can tell Sagittarius how to live their lives. Being immortal didn’t stop Chiron from getting the death he desired.

They are also incredibly selfless and generous beings. Why else would Chiron give his immortality to someone else rather than simply asking Zeus to remove it altogether?

Chances are that you like to travel and discover new adventures. The horoscope for Sagittarius often includes new journeys or discoveries that are about to be made. You pick up skills easier than most which are an ability you can trace back to the story of Crotus.

Sagittarius compatibility

Although there are some exceptions to the rule, Sagittarius shares a big empathy and connection with:

Further Exploration

Of course, many perceive some of the traits of the Sagittarius horoscope in a negative light. As with their archangel, a Sagittarius seeks to be just and fair. Their brutal honesty sometimes comes across as tactless, overconfident, and even superficial.

That’s not to say that a Sagittarius isn’t more prone to these traits but it’s not always the case. Another issue is that their desire for positive change can often come across as pushy or impatient. Again, impatience is something that a Sagittarius may be more prone to, but their hearts are in the right place.

While this is sometimes due to genuine confidence in their abilities, a Sagittarius can come across as over-confident. This may be due to them being difficult to fool and they can quite often read others like books.

This is a talent that others can view as invasive. Be sure to check the Sagittarius daily horoscope for a more day-to-day assessment of personality traits and chances. This can be particularly useful if you’re thinking about doing the archangel Raguel prayer.  Remember that the Sagittarius horoscope dates from November 22nd – December 21st.

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