Leo Horoscope and the Archangel Raziel

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Welcome to this guide of the Leo Horoscope and its archangel Raziel. This article will cover the basics of either your own Leo Zodiac sign or a friend’s. It will look at the Leo horoscope personality and how this may differ from the Leo daily horoscope.

Then we’ll take a look at the information on Leo’s Guardian angel such as the archangel Raziel symbol and the archangel Raziel prayer. Just in case you are unsure, the Leo horoscope dates are from July 23rd – August 22nd. First, we’ll take a look at the history of the Leo zodiac sign.

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History of the Leo Horoscope

As with any, the Leo Zodiac sign has an origin story. The Leo star sign is actually one of the earliest discovered. It is believed to have already been noticed by 3500BC.

The Babylonians, the wisdom of the ancient times referred to the Leo star sign as UR.GU.LA literally means “The Great Lion”. It is a constellation that appears in all the major cultures throughout history.

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That’s not the only fascinating aspect of the Leo star sign though. You see, Leo has a feature in the great Hercules’ story. When Hercules had first finished his training, he needed to go up against his first major challenge. Who better than the Nemean Lion?

This infamous lion had been terrorizing a local town and remained undefeated due to its incredibly tough skin. Some would even say the skin was impenetrable.

The Nemean Lion

When Hercules first faced the Nemean Lion, he used all his training to try and defeat this beast. He fired arrow after arrow, used sword and dagger alike, but nothing could pierce its skin.

The Lion fled into its caves and it took Hercules 2 months of searching these caves to find him. The Nemean Lion was eventually defeated when Hercules used its own claws against him.

However, it took the help of a serpent and a few of Hercules’ fingers to be triumphant. This tale is rife with meaning and similarities between those of the Leo Zodiac sign and the Nemean Lion, whom the Leo star sign best represents.

It is important to explore those connections in more depth. For now, the focus will shift to another major figure of the Leo zodiac sign.

The Archangel Raziel

Don’t worry if you haven’t heard of archangel Raziel before.  There is a reason for that which we will explore in this section. We’ll also look at how to recognize the archangel Raziel symbol and carry out an archangel Raziel prayer.

So who is Raziel archangel? He is the keeper of secrets and mysteries. Within religions, he is the vault in which God holds all his secrets. In Hebrew, his name literally translates as “Secret of God”.

It is said the Raziel archangel gave Adam and Eve “Sefer Raziel HaMalach” (the book of Raziel archangel) after they were cast out to Earth.

In other religions, it is said that he stood so close to God’s throne that he could hear everything that was said. If you are of the Leo Zodiac sign, you’re probably starting to realize why he is your Guardian angel.

How to see Raziel

You’ll have seen the archangel Raziel symbol before, even if you didn’t realize it. He often appears in paintings as a bright light surrounded by darkness: like a flash. Due to him representing a multitude of colors, some believe rainbows are like his footprint. When you see one, your Guardian Angel is nearby.

While this may symbolize him having been there, he is always going to be there when you need him. So don’t feel you need to see a rainbow to know he is there. The Raziel archangel aids his wards in both knowledge and sensory experience.

When you are indecisive, he can help you spot patterns or recall previous learnings. You may hear things more clearly or see further than others. Not only that, the Raziel archangel aids in divine sight and connection. Meaning you can get a better sense of God through your own mind and body.

Praying to the Archangel Raziel

Unlike others, the archangel Raziel prayer can represent more than a singular color. Instead is a rainbow of colors can be seen to flow through you.

You may be wondering how best to contact him? You will find many websites or people telling you that there is a certain method for this. The truth of the matter is that prayer is personal. Simply do what you feel is right.

Speak your mind or mouth. Simply feel your Guardian Angel’s presence, use his rainbow color as a guide, and share with him whatever you like. You can ask for guidance or simply share your secrets.

The Leo Horoscope Personality and traits

So you will have already begun to create a Leo horoscope personality profile in your head based on its origins and Guardian Angel. It’s important to remember that there is a difference between the Leo horoscope personality and the Leo daily horoscope.

Just to clarify, the Leo horoscope dates are from July 23rd – 22nd August. The Leo horoscope personality looks at more long-term traits that are present in the horoscope for Leo. There are reasons that the lion and the sun/fire represent those of the Leo star sign.

The horoscope for Leo takes us back to the Namean Lion that Hercules fought. The lion was fearless, determined, and was willing to jump into the unknown, fighting a demi-God and being a serious challenge. This was because he knew that his thick skin would protect him. You can see this trait in the horoscope for Leo even today.

Leo compatibility

Although there are some exceptions to the rule, Leo shares a big empathy and connection with:

Further Exploration

Often mistakenly seen as self-centered or seeking attention, those of the Leo star sign simply wish to follow in the footsteps of their Guardian Angel. They wish to be there for everyone which often makes them seem as if they are desperate to be in the spotlight.

Some of the more famous traits include being warm-hearted and a desire to love and feel loved. You can see the fire that burns within the heart of the Leo horoscope and its wards through their energetic nature and optimistic outlook.

Often coming across as being headstrong, it is merely a display of passion that one should not view negatively. You will be able to view a more day-to-day personality assessment via the Leo daily horoscope. Keep in mind that the Leo horoscope dates are from July 23rd – August 22nd!

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