Scorpio Horoscope and the Archangel Jeremiel

scorpio horoscope

The Scorpio Zodiac sign corresponds to those born between the Scorpio horoscope dates of 24th October – 21st November. This article will focus on the Scorpio horoscope personality.

It will also look at how this is different from the Scorpio daily horoscope. Of course, we’ll also take a look at the Guardian Angel of Scorpio: the archangel Jeremiel.

As well as covering all the important information related to the archangel such as the archangel Jeremiel prayer. We’ll start at the most logical place: the very beginning.

Table of Contents

History of the Scorpio Horoscope

Just like any other, the Scorpio zodiac sign has an origin story. The horoscope for Scorpio actually has two such stories, both involving the scorpion and the hunter Orion.

The first one relates back to ancient Greek mythology. Gaia (the Earth), in order to defend a bull from being hunted, sent the scorpion to sting and kill Orion.

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If you look up into the night’s sky at the Orion constellation, you will see a reddish star on his shoulder. The legend goes that this was where he was stung.

Interestingly enough, this star is actually on the verge of a supernova that could happen any day now. Reflecting the sheer power behind that Scorpion sting and how it reverberates through time. Even until this day: An everlasting reminder.

The other version of the story is of Leto and her daughter, Artemis: Orion swore to kill every animal on Earth so in order to defend them; the mother-daughter combo sent the scorpion.

Once again, the scorpion stung Orion’s shoulder and successfully killed him.

Scorpio and Orion

Zeus, as a lesson to mankind, sent the two off into the sky to be immortalized. They will hang in the sky as a warning to humanity of the potential consequences of excessive pride.

There are a few other variations but all result in Orion being stung by the scorpion. How does this relate to the Horoscope for Scorpio? The stories show that even something as small as a scorpion’s sting can pack a deadly punch!

It’s also a representation of a desire to protect not only the Earth but also those who live upon it. We’ll explore this further but first, let’s look at who watches over Scorpios.

The Archangel Jeremiel

The archangel Jeremiel is the Guardian Angel of those whose birth falls between the Scorpio horoscope dates. One of the lesser-known, he is the mercy of God. He is a quiet angel.

That’s not to say that he is not watching over you or listening out for you. Rather his mode of communication is slightly different. Rather than being vocal, this archangel will send his wards messages in the form of symbols and signs.

This tends to be why he is lesser-known. It is also why he often chooses to communicate via dreams or visions. The stories tell of him being the angel responsible for the vision showing the coming of the Messiah.

His connection to his wards often affects their Scorpio horoscope personality in interesting ways.

Archangel Jeremiel abilities

Many believe that Jeremiel (through his archangel gifts) is able to help his wards develop their visual abilities. Those belonging to the Scorpio zodiac sign can access signs from God through visions, dreams, clairvoyant abilities, and accessing memories from deep in their past.

These are just some of the things your Guardian Angel can help you with. He can also work with you to sift through past events or future decisions. You can use this as a form of coping or a choice-making strategy, it is up to you.

Those with depression or anxiety will find his guidance particularly useful as these are rooted in issues with the past/future. So next we’ll discuss contacting him through the archangel Jeremiel prayer.

Praying to the Archangel Jeremiel

Scorpio should be wary when looking for advice on carrying out the archangel Jeremiel prayer. Many people and websites claim to have prayers to use but the truth is that it’s a personal endeavor.

Use your heart, mind-body, and soul to contact your Guardian, Angel. While the archangel Jeremiel does communicate better through signs, you can communicate in whatever way works best for you.

Just don’t expect to hear a voice or see an angel. His response would likely be more spiritual and mystical.

The Scorpio Horoscope Personality

Here we’ll look at the Scorpio horoscope personality. This differs from the Scorpio daily horoscope often associated with the Scorpio horoscope dates. The character profile focuses more on long-term traits.

We’ve seen from the Scorpio origin story that Zeus wanted to leave a warning. This is particularly true for Scorpios as they can often be too proud or too emotional and this can put a strain on their relationships.

Of course, the bravery of the scorpion is also something you can see through the Scorpio horoscope. Willing to fight for what they believe in, is definitely a positive trait of the horoscope for Scorpio.

Once they decide to do something, there is very little that can stop them if anything. Of course, it goes without saying that Scorpios are passionate. That is why the scorpion was so eager to defend Earth and its creatures.

Scorpio Compatibility

Although there are some exceptions to the rule, Scorpio shares a big empathy and connection with:

Further Exploration

The scorpion within these individuals also shows itself in their ambition and faithfulness. It can be truly amazing how deep origin stories can go into our souls. The Scorpio horoscope personality also shows some other defining features.

They are incredibly balanced individuals. This is perhaps due to the influence of their guardians’ understanding of the past and the future. They may be cheery and fun but not immature. They may take chances but never when the risk is too big.

Of course, no star sign is without its flaws and Scorpios are no exception. Their passion and ambition can often make them jealous and resentful. They can be manipulative in order to get things back on track and heading in the direction they want life to go.

Through this, they can also be secretive individuals. They’ll always have your back though! For a more day-to-day understanding of the horoscope for Scorpio, be sure to check the Scorpio daily horoscope.

These are easy to find online. It can often be useful to consult these prior to carrying out the archangel Jeremiel prayer.

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