Gemini Horoscope and the Archangel Zadkiel

gemini horoscope archangel zadkiel

This article will focus on the Gemini Horoscope and its angel: archangel Zadkiel. Let’s take a look at what Gemini’s can expect in terms of their character profile, and how this differs from your Gemini daily horoscope.

Some of the histories of the Gemini Zodiac sign are also important and how all of this relates to the archangel Zadkiel. I’ll also touch on topics like the archangel Zadkiel prayer.

For those of you wondering, the Gemini horoscope dates are between May 21st and June 21st. Not to worry if this isn’t you, it’s always useful to know a little more about your friends who are of the Gemini zodiac sign.   

Table of Contents

History of the Gemini Horoscope

As with all the signs of the zodiac, Gemini comes from constellations you can see in the night’s sky. The word itself is actually Latin and translates as meaning ‘twins’. This is because it gets its story from a particular constellation: the twins, Castor and Pollux.

This story is important because it reflects a vital aspect of the personality of those with the Gemini Zodiac Sign. These twins, while being born at the same time were actually of different fathers.

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Castor and Pollux

Pollux was immortal as his father was Zeus while Castor was mortal as his father was Tyndareus, King of Sparta. Zeus had raped their mother, Leda, on the same night that she lay with her husband.

The two brothers were close and never fought. During a family feud, Castor was fatally injured. Zeus offered Pollux a choice: He could share half of his immortality with his brother in order to save him.

Pollux took this option and as a result, he saved Castor’s life. The two spent one day in Olympus and then the next in the underworld. In this way, the twins shared life and death for all eternity.

This deep connection and eternal friendship is a trait associated with Gemini’s. Once such a bond exists, not even death itself can break it.

If you’re born within the Gemini horoscope dates and fall under the Gemini zodiac sign, this may already be apparent to you. We’ll take a more detailed look at that later but first, let’s see how Zadkiel fits into all this.

This will include learning about how those of the horoscope Gemini can do the archangel Zadkiel prayer. It’s probably obvious by now that there is a lot more to the Gemini star sign than simply being born within the Gemini horoscope dates.

Gemini Horoscope and the archangel Zadkiel

So, after seeing the roots of the Gemini horoscope but you’re probably still wondering how its Guardian Angel, the archangel Zadkiel, fits into all this. You may already know him by some of these other names.

The name itself: Zadkiel archangel translates into different meanings depending on the choice of language. For example, it can mean both Righteousness and the Grace of God.

The archangel Zadkiel fits into the Gemini horoscope perfectly considering he is most associated with mercy. Many traditions see him as the bringer of forgiveness, mercy, benevolence, and freedom.

If you possess the Gemini zodiac sign then you can see why these traits are important. The archangel Zadkiel is associated with the color purple.

It also has ties with Christianity. In several texts, Zadkiel is the angel who intervened to stop Abraham from sacrificing his son in the name of God. This shows the insight into situations that Zadkiel provides to his wards.

That’s not all: He will provide guidance in relation to forgiveness. This could be for painful memories of a time when someone wronged or betrayed you. It could be to do with healing emotional scars or simply to supply help in building relationships.

Ultimately it’s about creating the same bond that Castor and Pollux share. Something that those of the horoscope Gemini can create easier than most: especially with the help of the archangel and the archangel Zadkiel prayer.

Praying to the archangel Zadkiel

You may be wondering about the archangel Zadkiel prayer. Despite what some websites or guides may imply, there is no set prayer. In fact, this prayer is something that is personal to you. There are some points that may help you through.

Remember to use the color violet as a guide. Picture it in your mind, coating your words and thoughts as you say your prayer. Remember that he is the only Zadkiel archangel and your focus should be on the aid that he can provide.

Mercy, forgiveness, and righteousness are all traits that he can use to aid you. He will know how best to guide you so trust in your feelings. Nonesuch as Zadkiel archangel has such a focus on forgiveness and mercy.

It can often be useful to consult your Gemini daily horoscope to see the current state of the Gemini zodiac sign.

The Gemini Horoscope Character Profile and traits

After covering the history of the Gemini horoscope and looking at Zadkiel. It makes sense to take a look at the character profile you can expect from you or your friend who belongs to the Gemini Zodiac sign.

This is different from your Gemini daily horoscope as it reflects a deeper view of personality. Just to recap: Gemini horoscope dates are between May 21st and June 21st.

As we discussed earlier, the twin’s Castor and Pollux work as a direct analogy of the Gemini zodiac sign. This is fitting as a Gemini will often display a “twin personality”.

This means that their personalities can vary between one type and another. In saying that, there are constants within a Gemini’s personality such as being caring, gentle, and of course, merciful.

So, you can see why the Zadkiel is your guardian angel!

Gemini compatibility

Although there are some exceptions to the rule, Gemini shares a big empathy and connection with:

Further Exploration

An inability to make decisions can often be your cross to bear. However, Zadkiel is always there when you need him, so keep your connection strong.

There are also some lesser-known traits that in reality should be glaringly obvious. E.g. a Gemini will go out of their way to avoid conflict. Whether this means walking away or intervening before things escalate depends on a number of factors.

Gemini’s tend to find it very easy to flirt. This is due to their naturally friendly nature and their ability to make incredibly deep connections.

It’s almost anyone of the horoscope Gemini possesses the same bond that Castor and Pollux have simply by being born within the Gemini horoscope dates.

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