Virgo Horoscope and the Archangel Metatron

virgo horoscope

If you happen to be born within the Virgo horoscope dates of August 23rd – September 22nd then you fall under the September zodiac sign. More commonly known as the Virgo zodiac sign, this star sign comes with a unique history.

It also has its own Guardian Angel: the archangel Metatron. This article will look at how those of the September zodiac sign (or the Virgo star sign) can pray to their Guardian Angel.

It will also look at the horoscope for Virgo and how this differs from a Virgo daily horoscope. First, it’s important to take a look at the history of the star sign.

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History of the Virgo Horoscope

Every constellation has an origin story. The Virgo zodiac sign is no different although it does have numerous origin stories. There is a clear link between the September Zodiac sign and Greek and Roman mythology.

Primarily to none other than the celestial virgin, Astraea. The link between Virgo and the virgin in name alone is quite obvious.

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The story of Astraea is a sad one. Being the last immortal left among the humans, she eventually had no choice but to flee humanity. The wickedness of mankind was infecting her like an illness or a poison.

If you were born between the Virgo horoscope dates, then perhaps the connection is already feeling clear to you. That your faith in humanity is often called into question. We’ll look at it in more detail further into the article.

The Virgo Horoscope and the Archangel Metatron

Anyone would forgive you for not recognizing the Archangel Metatron as being your angel. His name doesn’t appear in the Hebrew Bible. However, you can find him in other literature as being the recorder or measurer to God. His role is to scribe and record any necessary information.

Many also know him for repairing boundaries or borders. Interestingly, he is one of only two angels who started out as a mortal human. You may recognize the name Enoch from the Bible which scholars view as being his mortal form prior to ascending to heaven.

Metatron Archangel uses his unique experience both on Earth and in Heaven to help guide his words.

Metatron Archangel

You can see Metatron archangel as representing a variety of colors: primarily blue or green/pink stripes. This is useful to know when carrying out an archangel Metatron meditation prayer.

Due to his role as a measurer, the archangel Metatron can aid us in balancing aspects of our life: whether this is work, love, belief, or even in aiding us to take control of negative aspects of our life.

Metatron archangel often helps those with addiction issues or those trying to overcome a habit such as overeating. He does what he can to aid in the sustainment of human life but his focus is on his wards.

Those who fall under the Virgo zodiac sign can always rely on his help. In order to reach out to the Metatron archangel, one need only use the archangel Metatron prayer.

Praying to the Archangel Metatron

If you reached this article as part of your journey into yourself, you may have seen others beforehand. Many claims that there are specific aspects of the archangel Metatron prayer but this is not the case.

The archangel Metatron knows who his wards are and listen for their calls. So if you need to reach him, it is simple to do so. Simply let him know what it is you require help with.

This can be inside your head, from your heart, or spoken out loud. That is entirely up to you. As he is the scribe of God, the archangel Metatron will already know your life and will most likely have an idea of what you need his help with.

It is still best to be precise when carrying out the archangel Metatron prayer. Checking your Virgo daily horoscope beforehand to get an idea of how/when it is best to carry out your prayer can often be useful.

It will also give you a base level in which to better understand your own frame of mind to see if you need to do the archangel Metatron prayer in the first place.

The Virgo Horoscope Character Profile and traits

If you were born between the Virgo horoscope dates of August 23rd and September 22nd then this is your character profile. This look at the horoscope for Virgo involves examining the Virgo personality and character profile.

Remember that this is slightly different from your Virgo daily horoscope as it looks at more long-term traits. We examined Astraea, the disappointed Goddess. Her connection reaches all those who fall under the Virgo star sign.

You may search time and time again, hold onto hope but after too many disappointments, you leave. Often this makes Virgos seem cold but in fact, they are just calculating.

The Virgo Horoscope comes with an incredible analytical ability that allows you to spot the smallest details others may have missed. This can often be a curse as often as it is a gift. For you see the world how it truly is.

Virgo compatibility

Although there are some exceptions to the rule, Virgo shares a big empathy and connection with:

A connection to your Guardian Angel

You may even notice the connection between your Guardian Angel and your analytical ability. Do not worry though; it isn’t all doom and gloom! The Virgo horoscope also comes with a huge array of incredibly positive traits.

Virgos are not only reliable but also hardworking. Combine that with their loyalty and kindness and you have a recipe for a wonderful human being.

Perhaps even more reflective of their Guardian Angel’s influence: Virgos tend to be well organized and excel at creating mental lists to weigh out the positives and negative options of any decision.

So if you are of the Virgo star sign or know someone else who is, then you should already know the benefits that Virgos offers those around them.

The horoscope for Virgo in relation to the Virgo daily horoscope can be found online and is readily available to those who were born within the Virgo horoscope dates.

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