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1616 Angel Number – Exploring the Spiritual Meaning and Symbolism

1616 Angel Number

Angel Numbers Whenever you see the same number repeating itself, or 1616 angel number, it can be far too easy to chalk it up to coincidence. It doesn’t matter whether the number appears on a bus, train, car, building, or on the TV, radio, phone, or computer screen. All that matters is that you keep seeing […]

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Angel Number 1117 – Forge a New Path toward your Destiny

Angel Number 1117

Angel numbers are just one example of the ways an angelic message can appear to us. The best way to learn about and understand the power of angel numbers is to explore an example and interpret its meaning for ourselves. Let’s consider the angel number 1117. What does it mean when you see 1117 and […]

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Understanding Spiritual Messages Behind Angel Number 1919

1919 Angel Number

We see many numbers in our daily lives – addresses, time, train tickets, and so on. However, sometimes the same number repeating over and over might not be a simple coincidence. Some numbers are sent to us by our Guardian Angels to convey messages from the divine realm. Learn about the symbolism of the 1919 […]

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A Guide to Angels Orbs

angels orbs

Orbs are spheres of light. They can appear in your photos regarding rays of white light that appear out of no source, or you might experience angels orbs during the time that you are meditating. Having a round shape, you may see orbs like a ray of light or in the form of any geometric shape. […]

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Words of Wisdom


What is success? It is being able to go to bed each night with your soul at peace.  Paulo Coelho We all seek to shine, show off and have more and more possessions at some point in life. And yet, this is not the kind of attitude that leads to real Happiness, the kind of […]

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Words of Wisdom


There is no remedy for love but to love more. Henry David Thoreau Discover some more interesting information with PADRE : THE 12 WELL-BEING RULES HOW TO FIND HAPPINESS IN 7 DAYS? THE PURE MAGIC OF PALO SANTO AND HOW TO USE IT IN YOUR SPIRITUAL PRACTICE

808 Angel Number and its Meaning related to good judgment

808 angel number

Angel number 808 is a combination of the frequencies and vibrations of the individual numbers 0 and 8. Being an angel number, it is delivered to us by angels in the event of answering our prayers. It comes as a source of help and guidance which we can use to set our lives on the […]

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How to invoke your Guardian Angel

invoke your Guardian Angel

Invoke your Guardian Angel to help you out!  When doubt is taking over and when no clear decision comes up in our mind, it is always good to consult someone trustworthy.  In such situations, Whether you have a question to ask him as “ What will my future be?” or you look for money, love, luck […]

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