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Manage Angel Card – How to manage your Sensitive Energy

manage angel card

When it comes to being an energy sensitive person, there are pros and cons. On the one hand, being able to pick up on the energy levels surrounding you, other people and other aspects of the world is an incredibly useful gift to have. On the other hand, being empathetic on its own can become […]

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How to carry out a Meditative Walk

meditative walk

For some people, the typical style of sitting meditation just doesn’t work: they can get restless, easily distracted, bored or just not find it to be a beneficial experience. In this article we will explore not only the benefits of walking meditation or meditative walk but also how you can do it yourself. There are varying […]

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Sarafin Angel and Other Secret Archangels

Sarafin Angel

We’ve covered the more mainstream archangels in the past and you’re probably well aware of who they are and what they do. Yet there are many other angels, even archangels, who fly by undetected. For example, you’ve probably heard of Archangel Michael who is the oldest archangel but have you heard of the Sarafin Angel? […]

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What is Gentle Yoga?

yoga suave

You’re probably aware of what yoga is: a selection of practices (physical, mental and spiritual) that originated in India. In this article we will look at one specific type of yoga by answering the question: what is gentle yoga? As such, we’ll cover the benefits of gentle yoga (especially in comparison to typical yoga. We’ll […]

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Signs of a Nervous Breakdown to Watch out for!

nervous breakdown

When the stresses of life begin to pile up, it can become too much for us to handle and can lead to a nervous breakdown. Believe it or not, this reaction is our mind trying to protect us from further psychological damage. Of course the causes of a mental breakdown aren’t limited to the mind […]

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How to Develop an Abundance Mindset

abundance mindset

We live in a world where scarcity is preached as the current state of everything: not enough money, not enough jobs, not enough food, not enough energy…you get the idea. So it might shock you that our world is heavily influenced by our own mentality. When we view aspects of the world from a scarcity […]

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A Morning Prayer to Use Daily

Morning Prayer

Many people are unsure of the best time to pray: in the morning before the day started or at the end before the day ends and new one begins. The honest answer is that you should choose the time that suits you best, where you can truly set aside some time for prayer. In this […]

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Increased Emotional Sensitivity – Know how to manage it!

increased emotional sensitivity

Being sensitive emotionally is something that out there in the dog eat dog world can come across as a weakness. Within the world of spirituality, it can be quite the opposite. Those with increased emotional sensitivity are often gifted in an area of spirituality: higher vibrational energy, psychic abilities, strong spiritual connections, etc.  In this […]

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