What is My Angel Number? Discover it with the Angel Number Calculator

What is My Angel Number

Every individual has a personal angel number that can help them better understand themselves, and their place in this universe. If you’re asking, what is my angel number? Keep reading to learn how you can calculate it for yourself. Angel numbers are a form of numerology connected to the angelic realm.

As with all numbers, their unique vibrational energy carries power and meaning. These numbers can provide warnings, knowledge, insight, advice, and more. They can light a path to guide us along our spiritual journey.

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What is my Angel Number?

What is my personal angel number? Calculating your number isn’t as difficult as you might imagine. It’s based on your date of birth.

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Angel Number Calculator

  • Step 1) Write your full date of birth out as a string of numbers. For example, if your birthday is May 4th, 1990, you would write 05041990.
  • Step 2) Add these numbers together: 0+5+0+4+1+9+9+0 = 28.
  • Step 3) Add the sum of these numbers together: 2+8 = 10. Repeat this process until you’re left with a single-digit number. 1+0=1.

The result is your angel number. In this case, it’s 1.

Angel Number Meanings

We’re going to explore the meanings of each angel number, from 1 to 9. These numbers represent who you are, but they also guide you towards your soul purpose.

Angel Number 1

What is my angel number? Well, if it’s the number 1, then you may struggle to have faith in yourself. Do you often find that you doubt your capabilities? Does it feel like too big a leap of faith to listen to your intuition? Follow your gut and trust in yourself.

When 1 is chained into 11, 111, or 1111, it often indicates that you should push forward with any decisions you’ve made. Hesitation will only lead to doubts.

Angel Number 2

The number 2 indicates that you should follow the guidance of your angels. Pay attention to signs and reach out to your angels through prayer. Trust that you’re being guided along the right path, even when things seem wholly negative.

The 22 or 222 meaning echoes this. It tells you to worry less about where your path leads, and instead try to enjoy the place you currently find yourself.

Angel Number 3

You should seize any opportunities that come your way. Approach new situations with positivity, and you’ll find that you benefit greatly. There’s courage in your heart, you just need to embrace it. This is the main message attached to the number 3.

The 33 or 333 angel number meaning can indicate a lack of balance and harmony in your life.

Angel Number 4

Those with angel number 4 will face some challenging times in life, but they’ll always come out on top. Life is about learning from periods of misfortune. Turn weaknesses into strengths by facing them head-on.

When chained, 44 and 444 serve as a reminder that you’re being protected and watched over. Don’t give up!

Angel Number 5

Now number 5. This angel number suggests that you tend to hold onto the past. And yet, your thrill in life comes from exploring the unexplored. Nothing is quite as mysterious as the future.

55 or 555 can indicate that change is on its way. The gears of your life are turning, and there’s no going back now. Approach the future with positivity.

Angel Number 6

What is my angel number? For those whose answer is number 6, you won’t find peace in life while your personal and professional lives are out of balance. Luckily, your angels are going to help guide you.

Just remember to set time aside to reset your mind, body, and spirit to neutral. 66 and 666 can suggest that you need to take responsibility. Pull your head out of the clouds and focus on the tasks that lie in front of you.

Angel Number 7

Your path is the path of peace. Number 7,  will suggest the search for knowledge and wisdom in all that you do, while also promoting the happiness and spiritual growth of all of humanity. Be the change you want to see in the world.

77 and 777 suggest that you should close your eyes, take a breath, and allow your thoughts to align with your true purpose. Hear your calling and follow it. Do less thinking and more feeling.

Angel Number 8

You’ll find meaning in life by searching for new obstacles to tackle, thus the metaphorical “Infinity” symbology on number 8. You look back on challenges with a profound sense of appreciation.

88 and 888 echo this message by reminding you to be grateful for all that you’ve accomplished in life. You should also acknowledge that not everybody conquers their challenges, so have empathy.

Angel Number 9

What is my personal angel number? If it’s number 9, this suggests that when you reach the end of any cycle in life, you’ll have a hard time moving on. But you should remember that cycles never truly end, as they are always reborn in some form or another.

When chained, 99 or 999 tells us that a major cycle has come to an end. Rather than focusing on the ending, turn your attention towards the new beginning.

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