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1001 angelical secrets to share

The Elements Personality Guide

Element Personality

Earth, air, fire, water: the four elements. You may be unaware but each person has an element associated with them. In this article we will explore each of the elements, providing all the necessary information for each one so that you can determine the element you are. We’ll cover the earth element personality, air element […]

How Do Oracle Cards Differ from Tarot Cards?

Oracle Cards

Whenever you hear of a psychic reading, the most common example is a Tarot reading. Many people, even those who don’t believe in the practice, are familiar with the general concept behind a Tarot deck. If you asked them how many cards in a Tarot deck there are, they might not be able to tell […]

See my Guardian Angel – Free readings

who is my guardian angel how to see him

Who is my angel, how to see him, and how my free readings can be of great assistance and deliver Angel messages to you? Guardian Angels keep surrounding us with their angelical aura but, still, their presence is always hard to perceive. How the Angels know answers through free readings Who are the Angels? How to […]

Angel communication

angel communication

How can you tell when a sign is your imagination or when it’s been sent by a higher being? Since there are so many different ways angels can communicate with us, it is often hard to distinguish truth from imagination. This article strives to help you tell the difference when looking for signs of angel […]

Dream Messages from Angels

dream messages

There are numerous ways one can receive a message from an angel: visions, numerology, feathers, bells, technological malfunctions…the list is endless. One of the most common and perhaps most beneficial of these undoubted dream messages. In this article, we will explore the basics of message dreams including the different forms of dreams, what to look out […]

A Guide to Chakra Cleansing

chakra cleansing

This article will focus on Chakra cleansing. If you’re unsure about what a chakra is or why a chakra cleanses is necessary, don’t worry. This article will explain it all. It will look at what chakras are, to begin with before moving on to why your chakras may be closed or unclean and how to clean […]

Archangel Gabriel

archangel gabriel

Known as the angel of revelation, Archangel Gabriel has a very significant role in many religions. Gabriel means “Strong Man of God.” The name itself shows how important of an angel is. He is often met in dreams by many people. Whenever you encounter white or copper light, it is a sign that He was a […]

Angel of Fertility Gabriel – Help she provides during Pregnancy

angel of fertility

When it comes to bearing a child, or pregnancy, the perfect angel to call upon is angel Gabriel. She is known as the angel of fertility. She has many ways in which she can help you with your pregnancy queries, or anything related to bearing a child. It is this pregnancy angel who brings the news […]