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1001 angelical secrets to share

Peridot Stone Guide


There are many stones and gems in the world that look otherworldly and for many, their appearance is the extent of this truth. In the case of the Peridot crystal, however, there are examples of these gems have arrived on Earth from 4.5 billion years of traveling around our solar systems: remnants of its formation. […]

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How to Use Subconscious Mind Power

How to use Subconscious Mind

In this article, we’re going to explore a topic that delves deep into the world of psychology: your subconscious mind: More specifically, how to use subconscious mind power. If you’re unsure what exactly the subconscious mind is, not to worry.  We’ll look at the power of the subconscious mind and why this may be holding […]

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454 Angel Number – Meaning and symbolism

454 Angel Number

454… do you see it often 454 Angel number? Angel Numbers, much like any other angel sign, relies heavily on interpretation. Two people can receive the exact same sign/number, and each could mean something quite different. It’s important that we’re able to rely on our intuition to help guide us towards an answer. Luckily though, due […]

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622 Angel Number meaning

622 Angel Number

Do you keep seeing the number 622? When a number appears frequently, it can often be a sign that you’re seeing an angel number and in this case, the 622 Angel Number. This unique form of angelic communication carries a powerful and insightful message from your angels. In order to help you understand why you […]

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How to Read Angel Cards? Learn the difference between Angel and Tarot Cards

How to Read Angel Cards

Angel cards are just one of the many types of Oracle cards that can be used for divination or spiritual purposes. While many people are familiar with Tarot cards, fewer are aware of Angel cards and their purpose. So, how to read angel cards? First of all, although there are many similarities between the two […]

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How to meet your Spirit Guides

spirit guides

We’ll also cover how to meet your one of your spirit guides in the first place (if you haven’t already) as well as how to connect with your spirit guide once you’ve met. Not all of these techniques work for everyone but we’ll cover that in more detail when we come to it. If you’re […]

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66 Angel Number – Interpreting this special Angel Number

66 angel number

When it comes to angel numbers, there can be a huge range of potential interpretations which often adds to the confusion of trying to understand them. In this article, we are going to explore some of the basic techniques you can use to better understand the meaning of your angel number by focusing on one […]

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Number 143 Meaning and its spiritual message

143 meaning

We’re going to explore the techniques used to decipher the meaning behind any angel number before going on to consider the overall angel number 143 meaning. We’ll start by considering the function that each angel number serves. When you begin to see the number 143 everywhere you look, it might be time to consider the […]

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