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Rainbow children: What Are They?

Rainbow Children

Initially, this topic can seem a little confusing. Don’t worry if you’re asking yourself: what is a Rainbow child and what are Rainbow children? In this article, we are going to explore everything you could possibly need to know. We’ll start off by looking at the concept of star children (and the different types of […]

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The Meaning of the Various Aura Colors

Aura Colors

If the concept of auras is all a bit new to you, then you may be struggling to wrap your head around all the various aspects of any given aura. Once you’ve learned to see the aura of yourself or another person, you then have to explore all the various aura colors and meanings. What […]

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Angel Number 9999

Angel Number 9999

In this article, we are going to look at the interpretation of angel numbers by focusing on one example in particular: angel number 9999. Through exploring the meaning of angel number 9999 you’ll be able to understand the techniques used to understand these number’s messages. What Are Angel Numbers? Angel numbers can seem a little confusing […]

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Dalmatian Stones Are the Key to the Door That Leads You to Happiness

Dalmatian Jasper

Dalmatian Jasper is a stone as fascinating as its name. If you’re one of those people who are their biggest enemies, then this is the stone for you. No holding yourself back anymore, it’s time to reach your full potential. Dalmatian stone brings back the joys of life. Have you ever seen how profoundly happy […]

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Clear Quartz Is A Stone Like No Other, Use It To Feel It

clear quartz

Clear quartz which is also popular by the name of “crystal clarity” is an attention grabber among the many stones. Although it is dubbed as a rock star, it doesn’t mind sharing the spotlight with other stones. In fact, it is known to work wonders when used with other stones. It acts like a beam […]

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Seven Patron Saints Of Healing And Everything You Need To Know About Them!

Patron saints of healing

What are the seven patrons of healing? If you’ve run into any trouble, you can call on your patron saints of healing. They are looking over you all the time, and whenever you get stuck in a problem, they are ready to come to your aid. Saints have always occupied a prominent and well-respected position. […]

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