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1001 angelical secrets to share

211 Angel Number – Meaning within relationships and sensitivity

211 Angel Number

Being an angel number, you can’t compare angel number 211 to an ordinary number. Certain characteristics will help you distinguish this number from an ordinary number. For example, the 211 angel number will appear to you again and again at specific times of the day.   You need to know the meaning of the angel […]

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The Angels in the Kabbalah – Find more about it!

angels kabbalah

The Kabbalah is a very old Jewish Mystical tradition. Why is it said that there are 72 Angels in the Kabbalah? What are their roles and what is their connection to the 4 elements and the 12 astrological signs? Discover the connections in the Angels Kabbalah. What is the Angels Kabbalah? It is said that […]

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Archangel Ariel – The Archangel of Nature & the Natural World

archangel ariel

Archangel Ariel is known as the Angel of nature. Ariel means “Lion of God.” The meaning of the name itself depicts its importance. She is responsible for the protection of animals, plants, as well as the Earth’s elements; which include water, wind, and fire. People or beings who harm God’s creation are punished by Angel […]

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Divine Light – How to get Invoked by it

divine light

You have known about Divine Light as it is the most powerful source of light from which you can raise your vibrational energy. Being a powerful tool for change, it is a practical way to get invoked. Everyone has this light within them. It is a matter of exposing yourself to it by invoking your […]

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The Angel Number 34

Angel Number 34

If you’ve been repeatedly seeing angel number 34 then your angels are trying to convey a message to you. To fully grasp the meaning behind the message, you have to have an understanding of angel numbers. In this article, you will be provided with just that. We’ll explore what angel numbers are, why we see […]

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Exploring the Question: Are Guardian Angels Real?

Are guardian angels real

You may consider yourself religious or perhaps just spiritual; perhaps you’re unsure of exactly where you stand. Regardless, you’ve undoubtedly heard of guardian angels before…but how much do you know about them? Our understanding of angels, particularly guardian angels, has been skewed through the media and visual representations. In this article, we’re going to attempt […]

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Exploring the 933 Angel Number!

933 Angel Number

We’ll take a look at the 933 angel number and we’ll walk through how to break it down to its simplest form, step by step. Finally, we’ll take a look at the overall meaning of angel number 933 and how it can relate specifically to your life. At times, understanding the meaning of specific angel […]

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Heart Chakra Healing – Learn different techniques to heal your heart chakra

Heart Chakra Healing

This article will focus specifically on heart chakra healing. If you’re new to chakras or need a reminder: Chakras are simply spiritual energy hubs that exist within our body. While being spiritual, a blocked chakra has physical and psychological manifestations. To avoid this, we need to heal or clear our chakras every so often to […]

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