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Exploring the Meaning and Properties of Nuummite!


The Nuummite crystal is one of many healing stones with incredible power and energy. Crystals harness the power from a variety of energy sources and as such can be used in a number of different ways. In this article, we are going to explore the nuummite stone meaning and how it ties in with the […]

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14 Good Luck symbols for, Luck, Motivation and Inspiration

Good Luck symbols

Good Luck Symbols  – When we consider which objects are lucky, we often stumble upon a long list of items that have been associated with good luck in several different cultures. When considering which bird is a symbol of good luck, every culture might have a different answer for it. Similarly, many people think of […]

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1055 Angel Number Meaning and Interpretation

1055 Angel Number

The 1055 angel number generally specifies the flow of energy that flows through us and is the driving force of our life. The order of things in the universe might seem random to us but they are in an order which our minds cannot comprehend. Everything is in its place for a reason.  The angel […]

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Exploring the Meaning of an Orange Aura!

orange aura

There are some aura colors that are more common than others: blue, red, even yellow, but an orange aura is a little rarer to see. So what does the color orange aura mean? That’s exactly what we’re going to focus on within this article today. We’ll break down the orange aura meaning and explore how […]

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A Guide to Each Zodiac’s Horoscope 2020!

horoscope 2020

Each zodiac sign will be affected by these changes in different ways, and so we’re going to work our way through each of them one at a time in order to fully explore your horoscope 2020. The beginning of the new year marks the beginning of a new cycle. Earth, the sun, the planets, and […]

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Spiritual Symbols – A Guide to the Most Significant Spiritual Symbols and Meanings

Spiritual Symbols

The idea of spiritual symbols has existed long before humanity could read or write, possibly even before we had the ability to speak and communicate with one another in an effective manner. Cave paintings dating back earlier than any known civilization show symbols, drawings, and early attempts to turn thoughts and ideas into a pictorial […]

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Telepathy or transmission of thoughts

Telepathy, Transmission of thoughts

Are there people who can transmit and capture thoughts beyond the normal and ordinary function of our senses? It seems so, even though this parapsychological phenomenon has not revealed all its secrets yet… Find out more about Telepathy, Transmission of Thoughts Where does the term “telepathy” come from? It comes from two Greek words: “tele”, which […]

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