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Sarafin Angel and Other Secret Archangels

Sarafin Angel

We’ve covered the more mainstream archangels in the past and you’re probably well aware of who they are and what they do. Yet there are many other angels, even archangels, who fly by undetected. For example, you’ve probably heard of Archangel Michael who is the oldest archangel but have you heard of the Sarafin Angel? […]

Soul Family – A guide to the ideas of a Soul Family and Soulmates

soul family

You’ve probably heard the term soulmate or soul mate (different people prefer the term with or without a space) before but have you ever heard of a soul family or a soul group? In this article we will explore the meaning behind soul families and soul groups. We’ll aim to answer the question: what is […]

A Guide to Kindred Spirits

Kindred Spirits

Energy plays a role in every aspect of this universe. It’s responsible for the warmth we feel in our skin when we stand in the sun, or the positive emotions we feel around certain people. Energy, specifically vibrational energy, plays a major role in our compatibility with other people, as is the case with kindred […]

What are Indigo Children?

Indigo Children

Humanity stands out from other animals in a rather interesting way. We’re all unique, largely due to the existence of the soul, our individual soul journeys, our life experience, and a number of other factors. But to say that we’re all individual ignores a forgotten truth: we’re all one. Indigo Children play a major role […]

A Guide to the Tourmaline Gemstone!


Crystals and gemstones can come in such a range of colors, shapes, and serve such a variety of purposes that they can be a little difficult to keep track of. We’re going to explore one type of crystal: tourmaline. We’re going to cover a basic overview of tourmaline crystals and the tourmaline properties that come […]

Empath Definition and Signs That You Are One

Empath Definition

Empath is a term that you’ll find overlapping between the social sciences e.g. psychology, and the spiritual. Trying to understand the traits of an empath can be a little confusing due to how varied they can be from one person to the next. In this article, we are going to explore the empath definition and […]

Angel Meditation – Your guide to contact the Angels via meditation

angel meditation

There are so many different forms of meditation that it can often be difficult to keep track of them all. In this article, we will be looking at angel meditation. This is known by many different terms including angel-guided meditation, guided angel meditations and a meditating angel prayer. Often this can have two different styles: […]

The Gift of Psychic Dreams – Do you have it?

psychic dreams

Everyone has dreams, we all dream at night, and even during day time. Sometimes you remember what you dream of, sometimes you do not. Most of these dreams are your unconscious mind taking your to random places to meet people you might, or might not have, come across in real life. But, what are psychic dreams? What […]