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1001 angelical secrets to share

Angel Number 1 – Learn the Powerful Meaning Behind this Core Number

Angel Number 1

Why do I keep seeing 111 or 1111? Is the number 1 lucky? What does no 1 mean in numerology? If these are questions that you’ve been asking yourself, then it’s likely that you’ve been seeing the angel number 1 everywhere you go. When it comes to angel numbers, the possibilities are endless, as are […]

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515 Angel Number – A Signal of New Beginnings and Opportunities

515 Angel Number

An angel number represents an important message. By learning to interact with and understand these messages, we can improve our angelic communication and take more meaningful steps along our spiritual path. We’re going to look at the 515 angel number in order to demonstrate how the interpretation process works. We’ll explore the core numbers and […]

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A Guide to the Leaf Symbol – A Sign of Growth, Death, and Rebirth

Leaf Symbol

Symbols are a way of sending a detailed message through a very simple object or sign. The leaf symbolism is just one example of this. Humanity has been using symbols long before we could read or write. As great civilizations grew, flourished, and became more advanced, we relied on symbols to tell our story and […]

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How Do You Do Lithomancy? – A Guide to Reading Divination Stones


There are many different types of divination. Some of the more common methods include Tarot cards, tea leaves, and astrology, but there are plenty of other methods that people find just as effective. Lithomancy is one such example, but what are lithomancy stones and How do you do lithomancy? While answering these questions, we’ll also […]

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Are you Experiencing a Spiritual Awakening?

Spiritual Awakening signs

The term “spiritual awakening” is often used to describe the idea of becoming spiritually aware i.e. moving away from materialistic desires toward a deeper sense of spirituality. In truth, the term actually refers to a much higher level of spiritual growth. How to recognize the spiritual awakening signs? And what does it mean to have a […]

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Learn to Trust in your Thoughts and Feelings with 111 Angel Number

111 Angel Number

Angel numbers can seem confusing. It’s natural to wonder why angels are using numbers as a form of communication. It’s also normal to feel a little overwhelmed by the idea of turning numbers into deep and insightful messages. If you’ve been seeing the 111 angel number, you’re probably here to better understand the meaning of […]

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Living in the present moment with your guardian angel

living the present moment

Does it ever happen – like it does for most people – that, as the day draws to an end, you get the impression that it passed like a flash of lightning? It certainly does. Let’s look into this phenomenon…Take some minutes every day to invoke your Guardian Angel so that he protects you and […]

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Emerald – Its Beauty Is More than Skin Deep

Emerald Meaning

Emerald stone is famous for the green-ray energy that it exhibits. This energy is known not only known for being extraordinarily pure but also for its healing powers. Emerald crystal has different connotations associated with it but what is the essential emerald meaning? Emerald is a bright green precious stone, but it is so much […]

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