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Fight Your Battles With Dumortierite Stone


There are a gazillion stones in the world all boasting special properties that help to make your life better. Each has unique features that can complement each other but not replace. One of the most prominent qualities of the dumortierite stone is that they teach you how to stand up for yourself. Read on to find […]

Angel Auras – Get some Healing!

angel auras

The angels are always around you to help, guide, and assist you with any problem in your life. Especially when it comes to expanding and upgrading the gifts bestowed upon you by the Divine, the angels are of great help.  Also, if you are looking to upgrade your daily lives, angels will be the best guide […]

Guide to Amethyst Meanings and Uses


There are almost too many gems, crystals and stones to keep track of, let alone all their different meanings and uses (of which there can be many). In this article, we will aim to focus on one stone in particular, the Amethyst. Amethyst Gemstone – Is a bright, purple gem with an interesting history. While […]

The Amethyst, the stone of wisdom

Amethyst precious stone of wisdom

The amethyst, the stone of wisdom and humility, is first of all a stone of Temperance and purity preventing any sort of exhilaration – even spiritual. Let’s find out more about the Amethyst Precious Stone of Wisdom The Amethyst, the magic, and legendary stone This powerful stone comes from a variety of violet quartz. It is […]

Amazonite Stone Guide


The Amazonite crystal (also known as the Amazon Stone) is a bizarre looking stone. Its blue/green color almost makes it seem extraterrestrial in nature. In this article we will be exploring this stone in depth in order to uncover its various meanings and how they hold up in the modern world. We’ll also explore some […]

How to Develop an Abundance Mindset

Abundance Mindset

We live in a world where scarcity is preached as the current state of everything: not enough money, not enough jobs, not enough food, not enough energy…you get the idea. So it might shock you that our world is heavily influenced by our own mentality. When we view aspects of the world from a scarcity […]



What does this mysterious word (Abracadabra), which everyone has already heard or pronounced mean? The root of this magic formula During the Middle Ages (the time when Alchemists knew the Alphabet of Charms), this cabalistic formula – which is based on very ancient symbolism – was used to repel all kinds of illnesses and, more […]

The healing powers of Abalone shells that might be what you need!

Abalone Shell

There have been thoughts and theories about the sea life and the connection it has with the spiritual world. Sea creatures, with their weird looking shapes and colors, have always been something that has made the world thinks about what they are capable of. Let’s discover more about the healing properties and qualities of the […]