What are Mantras?

magic formulas mantras

The Mantras I will talk to you about come from great Tibetan Sages. They were revealed to me over the course of a really impressive initiatory session. As time goes by, I will unveil them on my blog, in Sanskrit – a religious language and traditional symbolism – in Tibetan too and, for you to fully understand their meaning, in our own language. Discover more about in this article about Magic Formulas Mantras!

Mantras are magic formulas

But what does this mysterious term “Mantra” mean? Here is the exact definition that was given to me by the Tibetan Masters:

    Mantras are magic formulas expressed through isolated words, the sacred contents, deep meaning and mystical sounds of which combine to enable those who know how to pronounce them to attain supreme felicity…

To recite Mantras, you need to find yourself in a quiet room, one far removed from the world’s noise and, most of all, one where there is no phone…

…Padre, do not forget to mention that it is important to sit down in a comfortable position, control one’s breathing and empty one’s mind so no negative impressions or thoughts remain.

This being said, you now know everything about these “Magic Formulas Mantras” that –if you recite them with faith – will help you attain the following in the coming days:

  • Success,
  • Luck,
  • Love
  • and Good Fortune…

Here is a magic Magic Formulas Mantras that will lead you to Success


Here is how it is pronounced:

Min Drol Yon Ten Gye Kyi Dag Nyid Che

It means:

Great Incarnation of the Eight Powers,
Bring me Sublime Success

The Eight Powers mentioned in this mantra are those pertaining to Yoga. Here is what they mean:

  • Aṇimā: “to take on a tiny shape or reduce the body to the finest atoms”
  • Laghimā: “to become as light as a feather”
  • Mahimā: “to become immense”
  • Prāpti: “super perception and ability to obtain what you want”
  • Prākāmya: “to perform anything”
  • Vaśitva: “relentless willpower”
  • īśitva: “divine supremacy”
  • Kāmāvasāyitā: “the power to subjugate your passions”

With this mantra, the failures experienced in the past will be fairly compensated for. Because the more significant the disappointments, the greater the Success.

By reciting this Magic Formulas Mantras for Success every morning when you wake up for a whole week, you will be able to take advantage of all its power, which will help you turn your projects into brilliant successes in the future.


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