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Pendulum Dowsing – Do pendulums really Work?

pendulum dowsing

We all know that radio waves can’t be seen, but still, radios pick up the radio waves and transmit information to us. Just like that, the vibrational energies that are emitted by our bodies are received by the pendulum, which acts as an antenna. That’s what we call pendulum dowsing. The process of the pendulum […]

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Cleansing your energy with the smudging prayer

smudging prayer

Everyone needs their energy to be cleansed every once a while. The negativity in our surroundings sometimes gets the best of us making our positive energy be replaced by negative energies. When this is the case, we feel depressed and sluggish. Here, we should make use of a smudging prayer to cleanse our bodies and […]

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7 Signs of Spiritual Awakening

spiritual awakening

Everyone has a time in their life where nothing is going right, and everything seems to be a mess. When the chaos of our life gets too much to bear, and our patience level starts to go down, and we start to lose out on life. It is a time when God starts to test […]

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7 Signs of Having dreams of Past Life

dreams of past life

We have all had past lives that we either do not remember at all or remember partially. Having dreams of past life is a very common thing, but often do not realize that we have dreamt about a past life. There are differences between past life dreams and dreams of this life. But, you need […]

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Visitation Dreams… How to Tell if They Are Real?

visitation dreams

Ever dreamt of a person who has passed away? Everyone has dreams about dead loved ones, and it’s a normal thing, nothing unusual about it. That is exactly what we call a “Dream Visitation.” As the name suggests, dreaming of dead loved ones is referred to as visitation dreams. What is a visitation dreams? These […]

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Lions Gate Portal 2017 Meaning and Significance

lions gate portal 2017

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word “Lions Gate Portal 2017”? Something related_posts to a gate through which lions pass perhaps? Well, if that’s what you are thinking of, you are entirely wrong. It is a spiritual gateway which acts as a portal of energy. Lions Gate […]

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How to Raise Your Vibration: Meaning and Significance

How to raise your vibration

Do you normally feel sad and depressed? Do you want to have a better emotional condition? Do you want your life to have more happiness than it already does? Well, then you need to raise your positive vibrational energy! But, do you know how to raise your vibration? “Vibration” is a fancy word for the […]

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Words of Wisdom – Good deed concept by Shakespeare

Good deed

The magic of a quote lies in that everyone can interpret it their own way. A Good deed and its interpretation may provide the opportunity to reflect, to find inspiration, or to be moved by the beauty of the message or by its depth. Meditate on these words of wisdom First of all the writer, William […]

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