Oracle Card Spreads – Things to know!

oracle card spreads

Do you have an idea of what oracle card spreads are? If you do not, don’t worry since we will be looking into detail about what they are. Oracle cards are cards that need to be used together to make a deck that will answer questions that your inner being asked.

Reading angel cards and oracle cards

Drawing cards from an angel card reading have no right or wrong way to it. Neither is the specific number of cards mentioned which will give you a clear reading. All you have to do is follow your gut feeling and draw as many cards as pleases you.

While drawing and reading your oracle card spreads, you should know that the angels are always helping and supporting you through your actions. These angel card spreads are used as spiritual guidance.

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Oracle card spreads that empower your angel readings

There are many angel oracle card spreads that can be interpreted to empower the angel readings for effective use. You need to keep an eye out for the cards that jump out of the deck of cards, and of cards that are reversed, or in other words, placed upside down.

The main angel card spreads have been highlighted below for your assistance:

One card reading

To get answers to questions, one oracle card spread works well. You can do a one card reading every day to get the guidance of angels regarding how to control the vibrational energies within you. It works effectively on a day to day basis.

Three card readings

It is normal for us to have tough questions in our minds which need to be answered. For these kinds of challenging questions, a three-card reading is the most appropriate one. This oracle spread will provide a detailed answer to your question.

This oracle card spread works best when it is used for relationships. The first card will relate your energy to you and offer a deep outlook on the true feelings relating the relationship. The second card indicates the feelings of the second person and gives an insight into their feelings. The third card will describe the relation between the two of you as a whole and whether it will work out or not; and if it benefits both the parties.

Five-card reading

The five-card tarot spread is a continuation of the three-card spread which gives an even more detailed guidance on the question.

The first card describes the situation of the question.

The second card is associated with the challenge that you will be facing.

The third card guides you to help you with the situation you are in.

The fourth card helps you to focus on certain aspects that will provide benefits for you.

The final card gives you the possible outcome that you can expect from the situation being answered for.

Final Thoughts!

Although oracle card spreads are a great way to get guidance from the angels, you should always have a firm belief in yourself and your intuition as well. Many times, your intuition is guiding you towards the right thing, but you tend to be negligent. Having a positive mindset is a great tool to equip yourself with!

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