How to Give Yourself a Free Love Tarot Reading!

Free love tarot reading

You may be asking yourself what a free love tarot reading actually is. Well, you’re probably familiar with what a tarot reading is. A love tarot reading is one that focuses on the romantic or familial aspects of love in your life. People will typically use such a reading more for romantic love, but it’s important to remember that there are different types of love. Of course, free reading can refer to the lack of cost, but it can also refer to the open nature of the question or answers of the reading itself. 

True Love Tarot Reading

As we already mentioned, there are many different types of love. You can love a friend, you can love a family member, or you can love a partner. All of these can represent truly powerful bonds, and yet each is individual and unique in its own way. To narrow this down, we’re going to focus on a true love tarot reading. This is also sometimes referred to as a relationship tarot or a free tarot love reading.

There are also a number of specific tarot cards that we can look at which relate to love. A free love tarot reading doesn’t change anything major from your more standard or general readings. The first thing you’ll have to do is decide your question. Since this is often referred to as a true love reading, you’ll want to focus your question around this concept. It’s up to you to choose how vague or specific the question is.

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Can tarot cards predict the future?

Here are some examples of questions you may choose to ask to unveil the future:

  • Have I already met the love of my life?
  • Why haven’t I met the love of my life?
  • When will I meet the love of my life?

As we’ll see in a moment, the type of spread you choose to use is also an important factor. The type of spread will actually influence your question slightly, and so if you’re using a 3-card spread (for example) you can ask a vaguer question that can include elements of the past, present, and future. If you’re using a 1-card spread, then a more specific question would be more appropriate.

Choosing the Spread

The spread of your free love tarot reading is largely a personal choice. You could use a 1-card spread, a 3-card spread, a 12-card spread (one card for each month of the year), or any other spread type. We’re going to take a quick look at the benefits of the first two but if you feel drawn towards a particular layout, trust your instincts and go with that.

The 1-card spread can be beneficial within such a reading as it can give you a more specific answer. This spread doesn’t separate tenses or states, it simply provides you with an answer. For example, if you ask, ‘when will I meet the love of my life?’ then whatever card you select will contain the answer, it’s just up to you to understand its meaning.

With a 3-card spread, you can obtain a larger understanding of what your relationship tarot is reflecting back to you. For example, if you ask, ‘why haven’t I met the love of my life?’ then you can see potential anchors holding you back (past), problems you’re currently creating for yourself (present), and the direction you must head in (future).

Free Love Tarot Reading – Love Tarot Cards

We’ve looked at some of the ways to carry out a free love tarot reading, but what cards should you keep an eye out for? Which ones carry a special meaning in relation to love? It’s important to remember one thing: tarot cards don’t carry a fixed, rigid meaning.

Each card is in a constant state of flux and can mean something completely different from one situation to the next. However, with that in mind, there are some cards that naturally lean more towards the topic of love and carry more meaning within any free love tarot reading.

The Cups

The Cups suit is associated with matters of the heart: love, relationships, and emotions. It should come as no surprise then that there are several important cards within this suit alone that carry important messages of love.

Ace of Cups: Often depicting an overflowing cup or chalice, the Ace of Cups signifies a relationship that is overflowing with positive emotions. You may feel joy, you may feel the excitement, you may feel happiness, or maybe you’ll be lucky enough to experience all three. You’ll feel a strong sense of oneness with this person and you’ll wish desperately that you could spend every minute with them.

Two of Cups: A couple is usually depicted on the Two of Cups. Many illustrations show two snakes intertwined with one another which represents the strong bond between you and your partner. There is a sense of commitment and responsibility that is already present within your relationship.

Ten of Cups: This card usually shows a happy couple underneath a rainbow of ten cups, often with children dancing together excitedly at the side. It represents the completion of a journey and the existence of strong family values. It marks a point in your life where you couldn’t ask for anything else.

Knight of Cups: This card quite literally represents a knight in shining armor. When you play this card upright, it often suggests that you’re the apple of someone’s eye, and this person is attempting to win your attention and affection, even if you don’t realize it yet.

Major Arcana

Of course, there are some Major Arcana cards that you should look out for as well during your free love tarot reading. These interpretations are quite general, so if you see these cards, be sure to let your intuition guide you.

The Lovers: If the name of this card wasn’t enough of a clue, The Lovers depicts a couple standing together, often hand in hand. It represents compatibility with a partner. There are a bond and connection that stretch all the way down to your very core. You’ve never met another person who feels like your other half in the same way they do.

The Empress: This card often represents deep and powerfully feminine energy. When you see the Empress, you can assume that there is an element of sensuality and fulfillment within your relationship. It’s also a reminder to men that feminine energy doesn’t make you female. Embracing your emotions is an important part of spirituality.

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