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1155 Angel Number – Meaning of life-changing decisions

1155 angel number

Angel numbers are not ordinary numbers. They come to you from the angels as a way to communicate to assist, guide, and protect you. The prayers you make to the angels are answered by the appearance of these angel numbers in front of you, repeatedly. 1155 angel number consists of attributes, energies, and vibrational frequencies of the numbers 1 and 5. 

Meaning of the 1155 angel number

In order to decode the meaning of the number 1155, you need to first look at the individual meanings of the numbers 1 and 5. So, what does 1155 mean? To answer this question, let’s first look at the meanings of 1 and 5. 1, being the first number in the number sequence after 0, is related to new beginnings, new opportunities, and success.

When a chapter of your life closes; another one opens which brings many new opportunities for you to avail. 5, on the other hand, is associated with major life changes and making important decisions in your life.



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The number combined

Combining both the meanings gives us the meaning of the 1155 angel number. It means that you need to give yourself the freedom in your life to give your life a purpose and serve the sole mission for which you were sent to Earth. By fulfilling this criterion, the Divine will be pleased, and your relationship with him will be strengthened.

The significance of the 1155 angel number

The angel number 1155 is a particularly strong number as it has not 1, but 2 double digit numbers which give it a significance of its own. It is linked to taking charge and regaining the positivity in your life which will assist you to get yourself on the right path.

For example, when you look at the clock or watch and most often you look at it when the time is 11:55, it is not a coincidence. Rather, the angels are trying to convey a message to you that you need to pay attention to. The angel wants you to be aware and create changes that will help you set yourself on the intended path.

You need to be optimistic and have a positive approach towards all the changes in your life; not letting the negativity get to you. All new opportunities and new projects will be challenging to handle, but you do not need to get pessimistic and thus, keep your head up high, be confident so that people do not take you for granted.


1155 angel number has a strong link with positivity. The angel may get your attention by making the 1155 number appear in front of you repeatedly. The most common time when you may see it is when you are pessimistic about life and can’t seem to concentrate on getting your things done.

Thus, the angels help you by guiding you to be positive. The negativity needs to be eradicated from within yourself and your surroundings. Thus, keep a positive and peaceful mind, things will automatically start to get better.

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