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How to Tune into Angelic Protection – Discover now!

How to Tune into Angelic Protection

The world can sometimes seem a bit chaotic. Watching the news for 5 minutes in the morning is likely to leave you feeling a little worried about the safety of yourself and those around you. Life can be a bit scary at times, even when everything is going well and there doesn’t appear to be […]

A Guide to the 505 Angel Number!

505 Angel Number

If you’ve found yourself noticing the number 505 wherever you go, it might be time to start considering it to be an angel number. These numerical forms of angelic connection carry deep meanings with messages meant specifically for you, from your angels. Once you’ve spotted an angel number, the next step is to interpret its […]

55 Angel Number – A Guide to discover!

55 Angel Number

If you find yourself seeing 55 on a regular basis, then it might be time to consider the possibility that it isn’t a coincidence. Each angel number, the 55 angel number included, carries its own, unique message or meaning which is relayed to you by your angels. Identifying an angel number is just the first […]

A Guide to the 404 Angel Number!

404 Angel Number

Are you seeing the number 404 everywhere you look? Do you happen to glance up at the clock when it’s 4 minutes past 4? Does the number 404 bus seem to pass your far too many times for it to be a coincidence? What does 404 mean? When we see numbers repeatedly like this, it’s […]

Discover more about the Difference between Spirit Guide and Angel

What is the Difference between Spirit Guide and Angel

Spiritual guides, spirit animals, angels, Archangels, Guardian Angels, these are all terms that you may hear being thrown around, often being used as general terms for spiritual beings. The reason for the confusion is that each of these types of spiritual beings shares similarities with the others, and for many people, these similarities blur the […]

How to Open your Third Eye!

How to Open your Third Eye

Are you familiar with the third eye? This aspect of your body, mind, and spirit is often used to ridicule those who take part in spiritual practices. Really, it’s believed to be the part of us responsible for spiritual and psychic abilities, particularly in relation to contacting spiritual beings. Interestingly, science is becoming more and […]

Understanding the Connection Between Angels and Numbers!

Angels and Numbers

The connection between angels and numbers shouldn’t be surprising. Within all aspects of spirituality, you will find numerology playing a major role, one that almost always connects to angels or other spiritual beings. Much in the same way that finding a white feather is a sign of angelic presence, angel numbers are also a commonly […]

A Guide to Kindred Spirits

Kindred Spirits

Energy plays a role in every aspect of this universe. It’s responsible for the warmth we feel in our skin when we stand in the sun, or the positive emotions we feel around certain people. Energy, specifically vibrational energy, plays a major role in our compatibility with other people, as is the case with kindred […]