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Who is my Guardian Angel? 7 Steps to help you find Him

Who is my Guardian Angel

Who is my Guardian Angel? You may ask yourself in your daily life and you may be fully aware of the fact that you have a Guardian Angel; many of us have noticed their presence, signs, and symbols (particularly during troubling or difficult times). However, you may still find yourself wondering “who is my Guardian […]

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Spiritual Meaning and Symbolism of the 8888 Angel Number

8888 angel number

Our Guardian Angels have many ways of communicating with the human realm, but we are not always attentive to their messages. That is why Angel Numbers and their interpretations could help us decipher what divine beings are trying to tell us. 8888 Angel Number has several meanings, each of which would give insight into your […]

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6666 Angel Number: Find Balance in Life

6666 Angel Number

Angel numbers carry powerful messages from our angels. They can offer guidance, knowledge, or insight. Some angel numbers seek to warn us of challenges that lie in our futures, while others will offer us a glimpse along our spiritual path. Chained angel numbers are considered to carry a particularly important message. For example, 6666 angel […]

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How to invoke your Guardian Angel

invoke your Guardian Angel

Invoke your Guardian Angel to help you out!  When doubt is taking over and when no clear decision comes up in our mind, it is always good to consult someone trustworthy.  In such situations, Whether you have a question to ask him as “ What will my future be?” or you look for money, love, luck […]

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Cutting cords: How to Cut the Etheric Cords of Attachment

Cutting cords

Cutting cords? Surely you have already heard this expression, right? Everything in this universe is connected through one form or another and each thing has its vibrational energy. When we connect with an animal, another person, or a higher being, it is aided by getting as close to being on the same vibrational level as […]

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Archangel Uriel: Angel of wisdom and light

archangel uriel

Uriel means “Light of God”. Archangel Uriel is known as the Angel of wisdom and light. He is also known as the psychologist Angel who sprinkles people with light and love to help them with their everyday problems. He is the only Archangel of light.  Relying on Archangel Uriel to help shine God’s light and […]

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Understanding the Owl Spirit Animal

Owl Spirit Animal

Spirit animals can appear in many different forms and serve a huge variety of purposes. The Owl spirit animal has an important symbolic meaning that will help you to discover now! They can provide support when we’re at a low point in our lives, they can guide us spiritually when we’re struggling to stay on track, […]

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Starseed, Lightworker or Earth Angel – Are They Different from One Another?

Starseed, lightworker

Have you ever heard of Starseed, Lightworker, or Earth Angel? You might have but might not know what or who they are, OR you might be very familiar with what and who they are. Table of Contents Starseeds, Lightworkers, and Earth Angels… What is a Lightworker? What is a Starseed? What is an Earth Angel? Starseed, […]

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