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Angels Wishes and How to Make Them Come True

angels wishes

If you’re in the habit of making angels wishes then you’re perhaps a little concerned that they haven’t happened in the blink of an eye. You may be wondering how to make a wish come true right now. In this article we will explore angels’ wishes, how to make a wish to God come true […]

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How to Develop an Abundance Mindset

abundance mindset

We live in a world where scarcity is preached as the current state of everything: not enough money, not enough jobs, not enough food, not enough energy…you get the idea. So it might shock you that our world is heavily influenced by our own mentality. When we view aspects of the world from a scarcity […]

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Omen meaning – Are they signs of Good Fortune ?

omen meaning

Many people find that they have differing opinions when they are asked about the Omen meaning or even what makes a good omen? Most importantly, they are considered signs that depict or hint at the path your fortune might take in the nearest future. To know the Omen meaning, it can be bad and good […]

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A Daily Morning Prayer

daily morning prayer

Powerful morning prayers allow you to kick start the day with hope, direction, and under the knowledge that you’ve reached out to angels or God. It also sets your frame of mind for the rest of the day which can allow you to decide which issues you wish to tackle that day. In this article, we […]

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The Positive Messages of 1818 Angel Number

1818 Angel Number

Angel numbers are a powerful method of communication. These messages can be sent to us by angels, as the name suggests, but they can also be products of the universe itself. When we see messages or patterns in the universe, it’s because our path is beginning to align with our destiny. You’ll now know why you’re […]

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Prayers for Wealth – What to expect after carrying them out

Prayers for Wealth

Many people wonder what sort of things you can or can’t pray for. There are common themes such as health, relationships, jobs, guidance but what about prosperity? In this article, we will look at the idea of praying for wealth or having prayers for wealth and what this might actually mean. We’ll look at how you can best […]

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How to Perform a Chakra test to Check for Energy Imbalance!

Chakra Test

If only there was some sort of Chakra test you could use to check for an imbalance…Luckily, that’s exactly what we’re going to explore today.  Chakras are the 7 energy hubs that exist within all of us. They allow spiritual energy to flow uninterrupted from one end of our body to the other. However, these hubs […]

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Learn more about the spirituality behind the Ladybug meaning and sighting!

Ladybug meaning

The Ladybug is one of the few insects that do not repulse or frighten other people immediately. There are several ways it is connected to spiritualism, faiths, and astrology to the ladybug meaning. So, what is the true meaning behind the sighting of a ladybug? In different cultures and beliefs, ladybugs carry symbolic meanings linked […]

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