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A Guide to the Leaf Symbol – A Sign of Growth, Death, and Rebirth

Leaf Symbol

Humanity has been using symbols long before we could read or write. As great civilizations grew, flourished, and became more advanced, we relied on symbols to tell our story and guide us along certain paths. The Ancient Egyptians used symbols to lead souls to the afterlife and tell stories about the Gods. Symbols are a […]

515 Angel Number – A Signal of New Beginnings and Opportunities

515 Angel Number

An angel number represents an important message. By learning to interact with and understand these messages, we can improve our angelic communication and take more meaningful steps along our spiritual path. We’re going to look at the 515 angel number in order to demonstrate how the interpretation process works. We’ll explore the core numbers and […]

Exploring the Meaning and Metaphysical Properties of Moldavite


When we look at most crystals and stones found throughout the world, they all have truly fascinating stories: both in terms of their creation and their many uses. The Moldavite (sometimes spelled Moldavite) is no exception and you may even find that you consider its origin story to be the most interesting of all the […]

What Color is my Aura? An DIY method

What color is my aura

Your aura is a powerful spiritual field that works to deflect negative energy and absorb positive energy. Many people define aura color as being a visual representation of the aura’s vibration, and therefore an indication of its effectiveness at deflecting negative energy. The aura color meanings do vary slightly from one color to the next, […]

Discover the Power of Positive Thoughts with 533 Angel Number

533 Angel Number

If you keep seeing the number 533 wherever you go, then it might be time to stop considering this to just be any old number. Angels can send messages in a wide range of ways, but angel numbers are often considered the most difficult to understand. We’re going to explore the 533 angel number by […]

Pink Aura – Discover the meaning of this Aura color!

Pink Aura

If you’re new to the idea of auras then you might still be struggling to wrap your head around all the various colors, their different shades, and ultimately their meanings. From pink to blue, to green, to red, auras can appear in all sorts of colors. In this article, we will be focusing on just […]