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Signs from the Universe – Learn how to interpret signs from the Universe

signs from the universe

In today’s world, it often seems that one person’s view of morality is entirely different from the next. It’s possible to be raised by your parent’s view of morality only to discover as you get older that aspects of what they taught you are perfectly acceptable or entirely unacceptable. In this article, we will be […]

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Becoming a Beacon of Light – How to become one!

Beacon of Light

It’s no wonder that there are reasons that some people appear as a beacon of light while others either don’t reflect anything or something not good at all. Evil powers exist all around us. And the question arises, what does it mean? Could it mean you are a source of financial and physical support? That […]

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Numerology Compatibility – Which Life Path Numbers are you Compatible with?

Numerology Compatibility

Numerology often reflects deep aspects of who we are, and so we find that we can determine numerology compatibility based on numerological representations of our personality. One prime example of this would be your life path number. To help you understand, calculate, and check the numerology compatibility of life path numbers, we’ll explore what they […]

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Angel Number 27 – A look at the meaning of the angel number 27

angel number 27

As with any angel number, angel number 27 can have a range of meanings. In order to better understand what its meaning could be to you, we’ll have to take it apart and examine the core elements. In this case, we will be looking at number 2, the number 7, and also the sum of […]

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Angel Number 25 – Become Aware of the Important Changes Taking Place in your Life

Number 25

So, what does the number 25 mean in angel numbers? We’re going to break the angel number 25 down into smaller pieces, exploring their meaning, and then conclude the overall message that this number carries.  When it comes to angel numbers, it’s natural to feel a little apprehensive about the challenge of understanding their meaning. In our society today, […]

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Angel Number 23: A look at the meaning of the angel number 23

angel number 23

When we investigate the meaning of angel numbers we have to take a look at different aspects of that particular number in order to get a clear indication as to what it means. In the case of angel number 23, we will take a look at each of the individual numbers 2 and 3 as […]

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The Meaning of the Angel Number 22!

Angel Number 22

The angel number 22, as with most angel numbers, carries with it a message from your angels. The meaning of this number can vary a bit depending on your situation as two people interpreting the same number could understand it differently. However, there are some general meanings within any number that apply across the board. We’re […]

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What is the meaning of number 12?

Angel Number 12

Angel number 12 is a symbol of extraterrestrial order. It might seem odd, but every number is associated with a deeper meaning than what you might have thought of it. The number 12, is a number whose meaning is associated with the individual meanings of the number 1 and 2.  What does Angel number 12 mean? To […]

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