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420 Angel Number – A look at the meaning of the number 420

420 angel number

All numbers have meaning and the angel number 420 is no different! This article will take a look at the 420 angel number and what exactly it may mean if you’re seeing it. We’ll look at the number 420 spiritual meaning as well as some 420 numerology history.

By the end of this article, you should be able to answer the question: What does the 420 Angel  Number mean?

The 420 Angel Number

If you’re seeing the number 420 then there could be a variety of meanings. Each number is associated with different vibrational energy and the number 420 numerology has its own meaning. Many believe that angel numbers are your guardian angels sending you a coded message.

That’s why each number has its own separate meaning. So what do the numbers 420 mean? To answer that we’ll have to take the number 420 apart at look at its individual components. The meaning of angel number 12 is one that connects to your purpose in life!

Through understanding the meaning of the angel number 12, you can learn to view life in a more positive way. Learn to attribute positivity to negative situations. Be sure to trust your intuition when exploring what this number represents.

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What does the number 420 symbolize?

Do you grasp the number 420 fairly often in your life? This sequence of numbers carries you an important message from the Universe. What does 420 mean spiritually and how does it connect to this larger Universal message?

The divine realm is cheering you to be receptive to the message of this number. You have to be open-minded so that you can attain such attributes as originality and honesty.

What is the significance of the numbers 420?

Like the other Angel Numbers,  the 420 angel number has many, many different ways to look at it. You have the 4, the 2, the 0; these add up to 6, which we have to take into consideration.

You could take it a step further and look at the 42 and the 20 but for most numbers, you can simply break it down to its simplest forms. As we explore the 420 meaning, angel numbers and our understanding of them becomes incredibly important.

What does 420 mean in angel numbers?

Let’s break down the 420 number. First of all, we have 4. Angel number 4 is often associated with wisdom (particularly inner wisdom) as well as patience. The number 2 has a range of meanings but those of focus within the 420 numerology is co-operation, adaptability and it’s usually a sign of your ability to form relationships.

As the number 000, the number 0 is itself a spiritual number. We will look at the 420 spiritual meaning momentarily but the 0 is one of the more singularly important and significant numbers. A zero represents a single moment of choice that will impact your journey.

More often than not this refers to a spiritual journey that could result in developing your higher self or your angelic communication abilities. Similar to the previous numbers, the number 6 has a wide variety of meanings.

In this case, it relates to problem-solving which can also mean having to search within oneself for the answer. You don’t always have to add the single numbers together but in some cases, it can provide you with more insight into the number, in this case, the 420 angel number.

What does 420 angel number mean spiritually?

All of this provides us with a basis through which we can better examine the  420 angel number spiritual meaning. If you find yourself asking, “why do I keep seeing the number 420 everywhere?” then there is one answer that stands out above the others.

The angel numbers 420 usually have one clear meaning: your purpose in life. It signals that you’re reaching a critical point in your spiritual journey. Perhaps you’re even just about to begin.

As you’re reaching a potentially critical point in your life, angel number 420 is also a reminder to trust your angelic signs and that your angels will help nudge you in the right direction.

Many people view the appearance of the number 420 as a sign to pursue your ideal career. If you’ve always wanted to be an author then this could be a signal that the time to do that is upon you. It could be that you’ve always talked about helping others; well this would be the time to go and volunteer.

420 In the Bible

There are several verses in the Bible that fall in 4:20, and each one connects to the underlying 420 number meaning:

Then he rolled up the scroll, returned it to the attendant and sat down. The eyes of everyone in the synagogue were fixed on him. 

Luke 4:20

The tree you saw, which grew big and strong, with the top touching the sky, visible to the whole earth.

Daniel 4:20

There is also a verse in the King James Version of the Bible, Revelation 5:14, which states:

And the four animals said, Amen. And the four and twenty elders fell and worshipped him, who lives forever and ever.

That doesn’t really have much correlation with anything, but I thought I’d throw it there anyway.


4/20 also has some religious meaning, because from time to time Easter will fall on 20/4. It happened in 2014 and will happen again in 2025. As you can see, the meaning of 420 numerology requires many forms of interpretation.

Why is 420 so special?

Just remember to trust the inner wisdom and patience that come from the number 4, the adaptability of the number 2, the choice represented by the number 0, and finally, the problem-solving ability that they all add up to which is shown by the number 6.

Hopefully now the question: what do the numbers 420 mean? Is the one that you’ll be able to answer with ease. Just remember what each of the individual numbers represents and you’ll be able to interpret any future angel numbers that cross your path.

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