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1001 angelical secrets to share

Are you an Angel Messenger?

Angel Messenger

Don’t worry if you’re a little unfamiliar with what an angel messenger is. These individuals have reached an exciting new step in their spiritual development, and their regular communication with angelic beings allows them to become their messengers. We’re going to explore what angel messengers are, their role, and how you can tell if you […]

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Who is Mother Mary?

Mother Mary Queen

The mother of angels – Queen Mary – is the most well-known woman in the 3 most famous religions in the world – Islam, Christianity, and Catholicism. Known as the “Virgin Mary” who gave birth to Jesus, she is loved all over the world and for a good reason. Learn all about her and why […]

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Freedom message from Archangel Zadkiel

freedom message

Freedom and the meaning associated with it is not how we perceive it. Our perception of what it means to be FREE is far different from the true meaning of the word. Archangel Zadkiel brings the freedom message to us, humans, in ways that we can better understand. What is freedom and how do we […]

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The Archangel of Safe Travel – Invoke him while you travel!

archangel of safe travel

Wherever you go, there is a risk of accidents or unwanted, unnecessary incidents that you want to avoid, especially when you plan to go out for a holiday. It is thus very important to call upon your archangel of safe travel while you travel anywhere, and the first step to do this is to relax. Once […]

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How to Recognize the Signs of Archangel Barachiel!


Who is Archangel Barachiel? What is Barachiel the angel of? And where is Barachiel in the Bible? There appear to be a growing number of Archangels, and it can be difficult to keep track of them all. Within the Bible, only two are mentioned by name: Michael and Gabriel. Within the Torah and earlier forms […]

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Find happiness in 7 days calling names of the angels

how to find happiness in 7 days

Here, in this article, I suggest we build your house of Happiness and Prosperity. With every construction phase of this house of happiness, with every step you take, you will move up a peg in the initiation, and this will enable you to create a radiant future for yourself, to make success your faithful companion […]

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What the 456 Angel Number Means in Your Life?

456 Angel Number

Angels communicate with us by sending us numbers, so do not mistake it as a coincidence when you see one. The 456 angel number is one of the angel numbers, one of the messages from the divine. In a span of just one day, you can come across so many different numbers. Think building addresses, […]

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What is My Angel Number?

What is My Angel Number

Every individual has a personal angel number that can help them better understand themselves, and their place in this universe. If you’re asking, what is my angel number? Keep reading to learn how you can calculate it for yourself. Angel numbers are a form of numerology connected to the angelic realm. As with all numbers, […]

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