What You Need to Know Psychometry?


All the objects present inside this realm of the universe tend to be made of energy. These objects are in constant action of absorbing and releasing energy. These energies become that objects personal signature that defines it. Psychometry is the art of knowing and identifying these signatures.

Energy flows in a constant form, just like the river. This energy stays as something that remains with us for a while and helps us define psychometry. But this can only be achieved if the object is tangible and physically accessible. The following article serves as the psychometry definition and completely defines its important aspects.

Tapping into the unknown with Psychometry

The whole concept of psychometry revolves around a simple concept. The idea of attracting energy from the universe while obtaining energy from the object side by side gives us an understanding of what we might be looking for. It is like tapping into the main server and downloading the content.

That is the beauty of psychometry. Psychometry can allow some to have the ability to recognize what the individual looked like, what they did, or how they died.  Emotions explicitly are most immovably “recorded” in the article, like some kind of messages from the World Above, celestial messages that could also be linked to your guardian angel.

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Psychometry definition – The Ability to Read Objects

A person who has psychometric abilities, a psychometrist, can hold a good old glove and say something with respect to the chronicled background of that glove, the person who wore it, or about the experiences that individuals had while wearing the glove.


The basic concept behind psychometry is that objects leave behind an “energy imprint” over the environment. These objects possess unique energy or vibration upon which they act. This energy defines them in their nature. You might ask, what is psychometry?

It is more like a mirror upon which a message has been written. The message will only appear if it is fogged. The same is the case over here. Without the correct guidance, the message of energy would not become visible at all and thus hiding away all of its energies.

That is either positive or negative. This also explains the question of how does psychometry work?

Checking Psychometry

It is not always compulsory to have a physical presence. Sometimes it is not necessary, and you can easily get a psychometric reading simply by letting the psychometrist view your photo through either connecting with them through e-mail or postal system.

There are many online resources available through which you can make a psychometric guess on your behalf. That is the beauty of psychometry. Though this may seem as against the rules of this whole game. But sometimes the energy is related to the positive and negative energies that are placed inside the whole scenario.

For example, a picture is something that can hold many things in itself. That is the beauty of this game.

Knowing if you have such Abilities

If you think that it does not need any sort of pre-emptive nature, then you are wrong. Might you call it Clairtangency or Psychometry, but both share the same meaning?

It needs some sort of built-in energy. ‘Empaths‘ make the best psychometrists as they are able to manipulate the energy of others and know what is happening inside people simply by sensing the aura that surrounds them.

Some people might ask, what are the signs that you may have psychometry abilities? There might be some things that make you either extremely uncomfortable, or you feel like keeping them very close.

They are:

  • Antique stores make you nervous
  • You cannot own used furniture
  • You want to wash your hand almost immediately after picking some things up
  • These are just a few in a long list of signs, but if you possess any of these, then you might be having very strong psychometry abilities.

How to perform Psychometry?

You can try psychometry by following the given steps without facing much of a problem. Find a quiet and clean and dry place where you can concentrate easily without any issues. Then close your eyes and keep your palms in the upward direction. Then have someone place an object in your hand.

This may cause the flow of energy from that person into the object itself. Let your imagination run loose and notice all the images that pop up in front of your eyes. Utter the images as it is without making any sort of judgment as that could change its meaning altogether.

So, keep in mind that it is not a joke. Lastly, practice all the more in order to get better at this.

Developing these powers:

The most important thing that must be kept in mind while applying the psychometry techniques in order to master them. The first and foremost step is to practice as that is the only way of realizing the real power and moving forward and making some headway. The next step there is to throw a psychometry party.

Meaning that makes predictions about people by using their personal objects as a means to decipher them. The objects would give off energy, which would, in turn, help you understand the flow of energy much better.

Important facts:

The concept of psychometry revolves around some principles, and if they are broken, then it stands null and void. It works by using an object using which the person dips in and gets the information.

A maximum energetic infusion with the things is only possible if it is worn or used almost on a daily basis. This ensures the maximum fusion of energy.

Use moonlight or wash the object with salt water in order to remove any sort of previous energies that might be left behind by the previous owner. Use your left hand to receive information.

Things to remember:

The overall concept guides us into keeping three main things in mind while doing any of this. Do not be discouraged if your readings are not accurate.

Just know that the best psychometrist has an 80-90% accuracy rate while you might be having 10-20% accuracy. This is not bad at all considering their level of experience.

The next thing is not to judge too quickly. Do not jump into conclusions regarding the images or visions that you might be having as they might be vague to you but crystal clear to the person in question.

Anyone can perform this art; it just needs a simple understanding of what is going on — an idea of how things resonate with energy and how they transmit it further.

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