Ida’s visions


On March 25, 1945 – the day of the Annunciation –, Ida, a mere Dutch office worker who was in her forties saw an apparition. A silhouette enshrouded in white appeared before her eyes amid an ocean of light and told her she was the “Lady of all nations”.

The “White Lady” was going to talk to her for many years…

That apparition was the first of a long series during which Ida received 56 messages of the utmost significance. Therefore, she had to shoulder a huge responsibility since these prophetic messages were intended for the entire planet: “You have a huge task on your hands”, she told her.

Ida’s Visions lasted for 15 years. The last one occurred on May 31, 1959. It is her sister, Gertrude – a teacher –, who wrote down each and every word repeated by Ida every time the Lady spoke.

Did these Prophecies prove to be true?

Yes, they did. How important they were due to the nature of these apparitions! All the prophetic events no one knew anything about in advance materialized as the White Lady had foretold. She said that “all these events will be proven correct”, as if to anticipate the doubts that were likely to arise.

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What Messages did the White Lady leave Ida?

I do not have enough room here to mention them all. So I will report a few of them, the most striking ones.

  • “I see swastikas; I see them fall; then, sickles and hammers. They all fall underneath the Cross. I see red; this color does not totally disappear. The Lady added, “the world was dark but now light has come back…”
  • “I can foretell a new and huge disaster impacting the world. If only men were willing to listen…” the Lady said. Now, I see the Globe; the Lady shows me bright lights and rays; it looks like the Globe is being shattered. Then, the Lady shows the East. I see many stars in the sky and the Lady says that’s where she comes from. She says Japan must be careful and that she is talking about all this because I will witness it all.
  • I was standing above the Globe with the Lady. I could clearly see the moon before me. Something was flying and getting closer. I say, “something is landing on the moon.” I feel like I am floating in space. Everything seems so strange around me.”
  • I see deep black stains hitting some parts of the globe. The Lady says that they will hit the world, economically and materially speaking. Natural calamities and catastrophes will take place.

One last message of hope:

  • “Later, I will reveal other signs. I will come back and speak on behalf of the peoples. False prophets, war, discords, divisions will disappear. And you, young people, the Lady of the Nations will protect you…””

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