Are you Experiencing a Spiritual Awakening?

Spiritual Awakening signs

The term “spiritual awakening” is often used to describe the idea of becoming spiritually aware i.e. moving away from materialistic desires toward a deeper sense of spirituality. In truth, the term actually refers to a much higher level of spiritual growth. How to recognize the spiritual awakening signs?

And what does it mean to have a spiritual awakening? We’ll delve into these questions as we consider the true function of this stage of our soul’s journey. What are the spiritual awakening symptoms? Don’t worry, we’ll answer that too. Before we get to that, let’s start with the basics.

What does it mean to have a spiritual awakening?

The concept of awakening is a deeply philosophical question that allows us to ultimately question our place in the universe. Being spiritually awakened is difficult to describe, as it really needs to be experienced in order to be understood. It’s like trying to describe the color red to somebody who was born blind.

Although not meant as a representation of an awakening, Plato’s ‘Allegory of the Cave’ works incredibly well as an analogy. In it, we have a bunch of prisoners who live inside a cave. They are chained up and can only look in one direction: towards a blank cave wall.

Behind them is a fire, which is their only source of warmth and light, yet they cannot see it. Object pass in front of this fire and create shadows on the wall. To the prisoners, these shadows come to represent their captors or guards; they are the beings responsible for keeping them in the cave.

One day, a prisoner breaks free and is able to see the fire. He becomes aware of the truth of the shadows. When he tells the others, they do not believe him and do not care, as his ideas seem so drastic in comparison to their understanding of reality.

Only by breaking them free, can the prisoner demonstrate to the others the truth, and only by stepping outside into the sun can they understand how limited their view of the world truly was. Your Guardian Angel can help guide you towards this level of spiritual growth and knowledge!

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What is awakening?

Keeping with the Allegory of the Cave, what is the awakening? Many people describe awakening as being like the moment when the prisoner first breaks free and see the shadow-casting fire behind him and the others. This could be seen as representing our first steps towards understanding our connection to the universe, but it isn’t quite an awakening.

The true awakening can be seen as the moment where the prisoners see the sun. They come to realize that the fire isn’t the true source of warmth and heat, but rather a miniature representation. A spiritual awakening causes us not just to question our place in the universe, but to begin to understand it.

We are able to view our earlier pursuits as being selfish and material in nature. Our desires to own fancy cars or big houses suddenly become the same as the prisoners worshipping the shadows, mistaking them to be of far greater importance than they actually are.

In a sense, awakening marks the moment where we finally see reality for what it truly is, and not for how we once believed it to be. Living in memories of the past or daydreams of the future suddenly become wastes of time. Instead, we move to focus solely on the present, living in each moment as it happens.

How do you become spiritually awakened?

Now that we understand (to some extent) what awakening is, how do you become spiritually awakened? The bad news is that you can’t force this next stage of your life. There aren’t ways to make yourself have an awakening.

It isn’t the same as reaching a meditative state or communicating with spiritual beings, as your awakening is something that has to happen naturally and organically. The good news is that a prelude to any spiritual awakening is usually an interest in being awakened.

If you’re searching for this knowledge and already have the desire to reach this state, then you’re helping to prepare your mind, body, and soul for the next stage of its journey. It’s even possible that you’ve actually started your awakening already.

For some people, it happens instantly, but for others, the awakening feels more like a journey, one that takes time to achieve. As your awakening can’t be rushed, you’re probably curious as to how you can tell when the process has begun. So, what are signs of spiritual awakening?

What are the most common spiritual awakening signs?

We’re going to discuss some of the common signs that you’ve started your awakening. While these are common signs, people will experience them differently.

  • A major sign is the questioning of negative or unhelpful habits. You will begin to notice that certain actions or behaviors lead to negative outcomes, and while you may not be able to stop the habits completely, you will start finding less harmful alternatives. For example, if you find that you always sleep in too late, you may begin setting an alarm. It might not be early, but you’ll start getting up at a set time.
  • A spiritual awakening brings forth the desire for connection. You’ll suddenly feel the urge to become part of something bigger than yourself. This might be something as minor as a sports team, but could also be larger, like a community or faith.
  • You’ll begin to change how you define yourself. When materialism is our sole purpose, we often identify as the possessions we own e.g. the fancy car, the new phone, the big house, the expensive clothes, etc. Instead, you’ll identify as the positive impact you have on others e.g. ‘I make people laugh’ or ‘I provide people with a company’.
  • You’ll naturally start to trust your intuition, especially in relation to matters that are purely spiritual in nature. That little voice in your head that used to try to rationalize everything logically will become quieter and quieter until it disappears entirely.

Our fear of death is something that seems absolutely natural. In truth, it’s simply an archaic survival mechanism that we, as conscious beings, no longer have a use for. A spiritual awakening often relieves us of this fear as we come to understand that death isn’t the end of everything, it’s simply the end of a chapter.

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