Feng Shui in your home


In the West, there is no such thing as habitat science, contrary to the Far East, and China in particular, where “Feng Shui” is a real art, the art of harmonizing the energies residing in the home so as to favor the well-being, good health, good humor and prosperity of its inhabitants.

Tip #1

Today, I do not have enough room to write a paper on this millennia-old science; however, I can give you two or three (“small” but very important) spiritual tips that will serve to improve your daily life.

The 1st tip is to regularly tidy and clean your house because you cannot “clean up” your mind if you live in an untidy universe. The material and spiritual worlds are in perfect and permanent correspondence… keep this fact in mind.

Tip #2

The 2nd tip is to surround yourself with objects you like and get rid of those that are reminiscent of bad memories. Should you not want to part with them, store them away after you have wrapped them in a black piece of cloth so as to avoid their negative influence.

Tip #3

The 3rd tip is to regularly burn some incense (a stick or cone a day is enough). Right after that, ventilate your home so that the smoke may take the negativity it has absorbed outside of your home.


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