Angel Number 6 meaning and its spiritual significance in our time

number 6 meaning

Every single-digit number is known to be unique as it carries its essence with its meaning. To understand the meaning of the number in-depth, you need to know its characteristics and significance. You should know that the number 6 meaning, is one of the most harmonious single-digit numbers.

It is a sign of completeness, and it also depicts high ideals and beauty. Find out more about the number 6 meaning!

Is the number 6 lucky?

The number 6 is an angel number that signifies responsibility and service. This responsibility and service need to be achieved through love, care, and delicacy.

Angel number 6 brings peace and harmony to people who come across it. The truth to all the experiences in life will be disclosed by number 6. It is mostly seen in the darkest of times in our lives when we need light more than ever.

Do you understand the meaning associated with the number 6? All numbers carry meaning, but number 6 represents a very specific message related to responsibility. Your angels are contacting you for a reason, and we suggest that you listen.

Your Guardian Angel can help you learn how to understand the meanings of these numerical messages to improve your angelic communication abilities.

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Number 6 in the Bible and why is it really important to us

The number six appears many times in the Bible, being mentioned for the first time in Genesis 1:27:

So God created man in His own image…Then God saw everything that He had made, and indeed it was very good.

So, the evening and the morning were the sixth day.


If number 7 usually represents symbolically the perfection, especially the perfection, from God, the number 6 is quite the opposite of that, symbolizing the imperfection, more specifically, it refers to man’s moment of creation and to the man’s faultiness concerning original sin and weakness that are innate to man.

It is common knowledge that Adam ate the forbidden fruit in the garden of Eden and broke the connection between heaven and man, thus allowing sin to enter Earth. Man’s weakness is why number 6 is called “man’s number”.

Also, you may see this negative outcome and impact on another number, based on 6, the number 666.  However, not all is negative because it also symbolizes his biggest strength: to recognize the flaws, assume responsibility, and work had to prove and improve himself, before God.

Thus, the number 6 meaning revolves around true work and revelation for opening doors to new paths. Connected to unconditional love and selflessness, this angel number can help you achieve the goals that you have set out for your life. To encounter this number is a good sign.

Like other Angel Numbers, the number 6 meaning revolves around true revelation and opening doors to new paths. Connected to unconditional love and selflessness, this angel number can help you achieve the goals that you have set out for your life. To encounter this number is a good sign.

What does the number 6 mean spiritually?

The energy that the number 6 has will fight for the ideals and principles of deeply concerned human beings. It has the greatest in-depth emotions that will make you feel emotional, more than usual. It helps to find a balance between receiving and giving.

Encountering this number might mean that you can take the responsibilities of someone else; which you might, even though you do not need it. It is associated with family and home and seeing this number repeatedly means that the angels are trying to signal you about changes that can impact your family and your home.

Don’t be afraid of changes, as they provide important life lessons; and they do not necessarily have to be bad changes.

Why do I keep seeing Angel Number 6?

After knowing about the number 6 meaning, you need to know what to do when you encounter this angel number. If you come across this number, you should start reconsidering your choices and decisions. You have been looking at and giving importance to the wrong things in life.

Thus, you need to start focusing on things that make a difference in your life. Try to keep a balance between your personal and professional life. Once this has been achieved, you will feel a sense of peace and stability in both these aspects of your life.

Start accepting things the way they are as the number 6 meaning has told you to. Goodwill eventually comes towards you, and you will experience a level of satisfaction in your life that will help inspire you to do more good for yourself and others.

Hidden number 6 meaning

Some things are not obvious when you see them, just like that the angel number 6 has a hidden meaning that you can’t decide on your own. Meaning of 6 wants you to put your domestic life as your top priority so that changes that take place in your domestic life do not impact other things in your life.

If you have problems in your domestic life, sort them out immediately. Or else, they will end up as a disaster for all the other aspects of your life, such as your professional life.

Every problem comes with a solution; you just need to approach with a positive mindset and the angels will come to help you.

Deeper Meanings of the Number 6

An underlying message contained within the number 6 is balance. No matter what you are doing in life, whether it’s working towards your life goal and soul mission, exercising, spending time with friends, or learning, always find a sense of balance.

Without balance, we tip into one extreme or the other. Human beings tend to learn more about material pursuits, so you must give your spirituality the time and energy it deserves. After all, while we may exist within the material world, we are also spiritual beings.

We also find that the number 6 holds strong connections to your heart. It resonates with your emotions, your love for others, empathy, feelings of warmth and hope, and our desire to serve humanity.

Six serves to remind us that love is the purest emotion of all. If you truly follow your heart, you will always be guided in the right direction. For some people, both of these meanings combine to form a slightly different message.

This number can be a reminder to let go of fear. When we experience fear, it’s often a material concern. We fear pain, we fear loss, we fear failure, or we fail ridicule. All of these fears feel justified at the moment, but they don’t impact your spiritual journey. They are products of the material mind.

Other Numerology Meanings

We’ve explored some of the primary messages associated with six, but there are many other ways that this number may influence your life. Numerology is interlaced with every aspect of the universe, so let’s explore how you may be connected to six.

Life Path 6 Meaning

Those born with six as their life path number are emotional beings. They wear their emotions on their sleeves and are affected by the emotional states of others.

As such, they are naturally empathetic, and many develop psychic abilities connected to their ability to sense emotional energy. You can always expect someone with a life path number 6 to be kind, considerate, and selfless.

They are always looking out for the underdog, and they treat every person with the same respect and dignity. People with this life path number will often gravitate towards careers that allow them to help others.

This includes teaching, healthcare, therapy, and volunteer work. Those with this life path number need to remember to be selfish every once in a while. Often, they try so hard to share love, hope, and positivity with others, that they often forget to take care of themselves.

Although life path number 6 is a person capable of falling in love with anyone, their healthiest relationships are those with similar people.

Number 6 in Astrology and Tarot

It may not surprise you to hear that within a Tarot deck, number 6 is associated with The Lovers card. This card often refers to partnerships and companionship, but it can also refer to an individual’s emotional state.

The Lovers card can also refer to choices, and often the decisions it refers to relates to relationships or love. As is often the case, this card also connects to the concept of sacrifice.

Choice, sacrifice, and love; all separate messages, and yet all deeply connected. Virgo is viewed as being the sixth zodiac sign. Those born under this sign hold a strong desire to help those around them.

They will offer aid to individuals because they understand that the betterment of humanity comes through the sacrifices made by the individual.

Virgo is considered to be one of the loving zodiac signs, often grouped alongside Taurus and Libra. Virgos make great companions, both as friends and romantic partners.

The number 6 can show up anywhere on your numerology chart. If it does, keep these meanings in your mind. Think about how love, sacrifice, hope, humanity, and choice may be focus points on this chapter of your spiritual journey.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Six

No matter what way the number 6 appears in your life, there are strengths and weaknesses to this number. If your life is tied to this number in some way, such as through your life path number, Tarot reading, or astrology, then these are some of the strengths and weaknesses you may possess.

Knowing your strengths allows you to feel confident in certain situations, and knowing your weaknesses shows you what areas of your life you should work on.

Strengths of the Number 6

  • Supportive – Above all else, those tied to the number 6 are supportive. Support can manifest itself in any number of ways. If somebody is there when you need them, can offer guidance or listen to your problems, they support you. But they may also support you by telling you hard truths, pushing you through a challenge or obstacle, or bringing it to your attention when you stray from your path.
  • Protective – Love is a powerful and primal emotion. Animals, humans, and spiritual beings all possess a drive to protect what they love. Given that number 6 is so deeply connected to love, it should be no surprise that these individuals also strive to protect animals, humans, and the planet alike.
  • Romantic – Again, it shouldn’t be surprising that those associated with love also possess romantic capabilities. That’s not to say that everybody tied to the number 6 is automatically romantic, but they are certainly capable if they listen to their heart and allow it to guide them.

Weaknesses of the Number 6

  • Passive – Due to their loving nature, those tied to number 6 will often abandon their own goals, dreams, desires, and ambitions to help others achieve theirs. This is a noble thing to do, but it often leads to intense negative emotions, especially later in life. Such a willingness to give up progress can also harm one’s spiritual journey, as progress comes in many different forms. This level of self-sacrifice can also limit the amount of self-care that these people can allow for themselves.
  • Idealistic – Number 6 can highlight an unrealistic worldview. They believe that if everybody behaved the same way as them, the world would be a perfect place. While they may not be wrong, human nature is too complex to allow for everyone to walk the same path at the same time.

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