88 Angel Number – Exploring the hidden meaning behind it!

88 angel number

In this article, we will explore one number in particularly the 88 angel number. Angel numbers are a divine form of communication often used as a way of relaying specific and personal messages from your angels directly to you. While many angel signs are obvious in nature, angel numbers can be a little tricky to interpret.  

To provide you with all the necessary information, we’ll explore the angel number 88 meaning. Before we dive into how to interpret the meaning of 88, let’s take a look at the basics of angel numbers.

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The Basics of Angel Numbers

You must understand exactly what angel numbers are before we look at how you can interpret them. The reason for this is that many people have a misunderstanding of what angel numbers are. If we use the number 88 as an example, it doesn’t refer to angel 88 or even a specific angel at all for that matter.

There are also a lot more than 88 angel numbers. In fact, there’s no reason to believe that there is an upward limit for angel numbers. To fully understand them, you have to realize that angel numbers are more like a code than simple digits.

By sending a series of angel numbers, angels can send a more specific message. For example, if they use a single-digit number, this is often referred to as a core number. These relay a vague message that can cover a wide range of aspects.

By sending a two-digit number, more parts of the message become clear. You can explore the two numbers individually as well as the sum of the two.

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By doubling a number, the message becomes emphasized and more specific. When we look at the 88 angel number, we’ll explore these concepts in a little more detail. Another aspect of angel numbers that many people struggle with is interpretation.

You can, of course, seek help from other people or even your angels…but this message that has been sent to you is deeply personal and only your own interpretation will be correct. Your angels haven’t sent you this number to confuse you or trick you.

They know that you’ll interpret correctly and understand the meaning. Even if it takes a little effort on your part. You just have to be able to trust your gut instinct. So when we look at some ways to interpret the 88 angel number, just remember that these are guidelines.

You should look within yourself with these guidelines in mind to find that meaning that feels right to you.

What Does 88 Angel Number Mean?

So you’ve been seeing the 88 angel number in your life and you’re curious as to what it means. Angel numbers can appear anywhere: the bus number, the time, on a car license plate, the number of people in a room, etc.

The idea is that they are recurring and more often than not, you’ll feel that there is something important surrounding that number. So let’s start with the core number: 8.

Core Numbers

With any interpretation, you want to strip the number down to its basics. No matter if it’s a two-digit number, a five-digit number, or a fifteen-digit number, examine all the core numbers individually before focusing on the larger message.

When it comes to the 88 angel number, we, of course, need to first look at the core number 8. However, aside from the visible number, there is also a hidden core number.

This number can be calculated by reducing 88 to a single digit: 8+8=16, 1+6=7

Here is what these numbers mean in short:

  • Number 8 might be tightly connected to your spiritual journey and represent encouragement from the angels;
  • Number 7 doesn’t impact the meaning of angel number 88 a lot, but it is also thought to be connected to all things spiritual in angel numerology.

Core Number 8

In the case of the 88 angel number, we look at the number 8. There are some important core meanings with this number. It could be that the number represents encouragement from your angels.

This could be related to your:

  • work,
  • health,
  • decision-making,
  • the spiritual journey and your own inner guidance. This is particularly true if you’ve been searching for knowledge or answers.

Our angels prefer to help us help ourselves and so if they believe we have the answer in us somewhere, they will encourage us to search for it.

Finally, the number can represent work. It can be an acknowledgment that your angels will support you through whatever work you need to do but with the firm understanding that you need to put in the required effort.

So no cutting corners or expecting a free ride.

A Deeper Look at the 88 Angel Number Meaning

Now that we have the core of the message, we can explore the deeper meaning. The first thing we have to pay attention to is the double 8. Angel number 88 emphasizes the number 8 meaning to carry a more specific message.

Your angels are telling you that whatever your life’s goal or spiritual journey entails, you’re on the right track. They are proud of the progress you are making and despite how difficult it may be they encourage you to continue.

However, this number can also be a warning: you may face struggles soon, particularly of a financial nature. Due to the financial element of this message, this number is a reminder to keep your finances in check.

Stop any frivolous spending and instead save, save, save. Don’t take any financial risks or spend money that you can’t afford. It’s better to cut out some luxuries to have a secure future. Especially as this number can (in some cases) indicate that a phase of your life is nearing its end.

This could mean that your contract at work won’t be renewed or that you’ll have to take some time off, possibly unpaid.

What Is the Spiritual Meaning of Number 88?

The 88 angel number meaning could be connected to abundance. If this number keeps following you, it could be a sign of having your hard work rewarded.

Divine beings could be sending you this number as a reminder that abundance is not only connected to your finances or your wealth. Your spirituality and happiness are also very important.

With the guidance of the 88 angel number, you could be ready to receive the blessings that life had prepared for you. See the interpretation of the 88 meaning as the way to reconnect with the people in your life and look for ways to develop spiritually.

Share your blessings with others around you and attract more blessings your way.

Angel Number 88 in Love

For love and romantic relationships, the 88 angel number could carry different meanings. On the one hand, it could be a sign that the difficulties you’d been experiencing would soon come to an end. On the other hand, the end of difficulties could also mean the end of the relationship.

Regardless of the outcome, keep in mind that divine beings only want the best for you, so they could send angel number 88 as support. Even if your relationship ended, new opportunities could be waiting for you.

If you are currently looking for a relationship, seeing this number might be a sign of finding love soon. Stay positive and patient and listen to the guidance of your angels.

Twin Flames and the 88 Angel Number

When you turn the angel number 8 on its side, you get the infinity sign. And for twin flame relationships this number could also add a layer of meaning. Think of this number as a positive sign for twin flames.

If you see the 88 angel number in the context of twin flames, it could mean infinite happiness in this relationship. Although twin flame relationships do not typically last long, seeing this number could be telling you that you and your partner might be different.

Do not be afraid to make plans and dreams with your twin flame because this would make your relationship more special. And even if you end up separating, this separation can be positive, if angel number 88 keeps appearing in front of you.

What Does Angel Number 888 Mean?

As you already know, when the same digit appears several times in an angel number, its meaning is amplified. So is the case with 8 in angel number 888. This number could be a sign of abundance, wealth, and prosperity.

Seeing this angel number might be quite rare but its meaning could be very positive for every aspect of your life. Think about the ways how you can help others and be grateful for what you have in your life.

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