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What You Need to Know Psychometry?


All the objects present inside this realm of the universe tend to be made of energy. These objects are in constant action of absorbing and releasing energy. These energies become that objects personal signature that defines it. Psychometry is the art of knowing and identifying these signatures. Energy flows in a constant form, just like […]

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1244 Angel Number – A Message about your True Self

1244 Angel Number

Angel numbers can help us explore deep and profound aspects of ourselves and of the universe. Few numbers are as fine an example of this as the 1244 angel number. What does 1244 angel number mean? And more specifically, what does 1244 mean spiritually? In order to answer these questions, we’re going to break the […]

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Fate vs Destiny – The truth about Future

fate vs destiny

This article primarily focuses on defining fate, destiny, better-known challenge: Fate vs Destiny. Let us see what Fate vs. destiny means more than just the difference between it. The question of future and the consequences of an action, the law of attraction, is connected and intertwined in the threads of the future through our fate and destiny. Although […]

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522 Angel Number – Trust your Intuition and Follow the Signs from your Angels

522 Angel Number

In order to answer those questions, we’re going to break down the 522 Angel Number so that we can explore each individual component that comprises this number. After looking at each individually, we will conclude about the overall meaning of this angel number. When it comes to angel numbers, it can be difficult to know […]

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Seagulls Symbolism and the flying freedom consciousness

seagull symbolism

You may wonder about the seagull symbolism, but the truth is that their majestic flying will catch your attention.  You will come across seagulls in the most heavenly places of all, which is when the land meets the sea. Hundreds of seagulls flying above the waves and moving towards the shore remind one of hoe […]

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Understanding the Spiritual Gifts List!

Spiritual Gifts

What are spiritual gifts? This may be a question that leaves you feeling a little confused. We have all come across this term in various formats. You may have first read about spiritual gifts in the Bible or perhaps you saw the term online, possibly on a spiritual website.  In this article, we are going to […]

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Psychic Skills and Clairaudience

clairaudience psychic skill

Individuals regularly think Clairaudience Psychic Skill resembles a distinctive outer voice, yet I would say it feels more like your voice yet gives data you couldn’t in any way know. Let’s talk more about the mysteries behind this psychic skill. What is needed to have a Clairaudience Psychic Skill? Clairaudience is a standout amongst the […]

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Exploring the Meaning and Metaphysical Properties of Shungite


Shungite, despite not being a crystal, still holds some incredible power that is certainly worthy of exploring. The healing and protective power of crystals have been known since ancient times. We only need to look as far as Ancient Egypt or modern areas of South America where tribes have used such stones to ward off […]

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