A Guide to Performing a Yes No Tarot Reading!

yes no tarot

Yes No Tarot?  A tarot reading is typically used for providing answers to complex questions. People use readings to discover information related to their destiny and their place in the universe. Most Tarot cards hold a variety of meanings, and each meaning can change depending on a wide range of other factors.

Sometimes though, you’re not looking for a lengthy, in-depth answer. Sometimes, a Yes No Tarot would do the job. What is this type of Tarot reading, what are the benefits, and how can you perform one? That’s exactly what we’re going to answer.

What is a Yes No Tarot?

The first thing we have to discuss is the nature of a yes or no Tarot reading. As you’ve probably guessed from the name, a yes no Tarot reading is one that gives a simple answer: either a yes or a no. With any other type of reading, you would interpret the selected cards in order to understand the larger meaning.

Usually, it takes multiple cards (such as with a 3-card spread) to get a complete answer. The same doesn’t apply to a yes no Tarot reading. There is still an aspect of interpretation involved, but it’s a little more straight-forward, in theory.

You simply ask a question that can only give a yes or no answer. We’ll explore some examples of suitable and unsuitable questions in a moment. When you select your card, you have to decide whether the card represents ‘yes’ or ‘no’.

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The Answers for the Yes No Tarot

There is a huge element of interpretation to this, so you’ll often have to trust yourself. However, there is a basic guideline for what all the cards represent. You shouldn’t take these answers as being rigid. If you’re feeling different energy from the card you’ve played, then trust in your instincts.

Card reading is an individual experience and each card can carry a different meaning between readers. For this reading, remove the court cards from your deck along with all the Major Arcana Cards.


Ace of Wands: A strong yes.

Two of Wands: Not right now.

Three of Wands: The answer has already been given to you.

Four of Wands: Yes, but you’ll need to work for it.

Five of Wands: No, someone or something is holding you back.

Six of Wands: A strong yes.

Seven of Wands: Yes, but you’ll be challenged.

Eight of Wands: Yes, if you truly desire it.

Nine of Wands: No, you’re not ready.

Ten of Wands: No, but maybe in time.


Ace of Swords: Yes, but trust in your intuition.

Two of Swords: No, you’re not ready.

Three of Swords: No, now isn’t the time.

Four of Swords: No, you’re not ready.

Five of Swords: Yes, but be careful.

Six of Swords: Yes, but it will take time.

Seven of Swords: Yes, it’s almost yours.

Eight of Swords: No, an anchor from your past is holding you back.

Nine of Swords: Yes, but only when you conquer your current obstacles.

Ten of Swords: No, not now. Be patient!


Ace of Cups: Yes, and soon.

Two of Cups: A strong yes.

Three of Cups: Yes, and it will be better than you expected.

Four of Cups: Yes, but don’t let it go to your head.

Five of Cups: No, not until you conquer your demons.

Six of Cups: A simple yes.

Seven of Cups: No, now isn’t the right time.

Eight of Cups: Yes, but not in the way you hope/expect.

Nine of Cups: Yes, consider it your reward.

Ten of Cups: Yes, but be patient.


Ace of Pentacles: A strong yes.

Two of Pentacles: No, put your finances in order.

Three of Pentacles: Yes, but you won’t do it alone.

Four of Pentacles: No, you need to learn to appreciate what you already have.

Five of Pentacles: No, you’re not ready.

Six of Pentacles: Yes, but you’ll need help.

Seven of Pentacles: Yes, but be patient.

Eight of Pentacles: A simple yes.

Nine of Pentacles: Yes, now is the time.

Ten of Pentacles: No, not right now.

Major Arcana

When it comes to the yes no Tarot, the following technique can be used in a variety of ways. You can use it quite simply as a yes or no Tarot or as an expanded version of the yes/no Tarot. We’ll take a look at both these options. All you need is your Major Arcana cards.

You can leave the rest of your deck to one side. Let’s start with the two-pile spread in this yes no Tarot exercise.

Two Pile Spread

If you’re not feeling confident in your abilities, you can cut the interpretation aspect out completely. To do this, ask your question, shuffle your Major Arcana cards, and then deal them into two piles. As you place the first card, say or think whether this is Tarot reading yes or no pile.

As you place each card think/say which pile it is being added to. When all the cards have been dealt, look through each pile until you find The Wheel of Fortune card. If it’s in the ‘yes’ pile, then your answer is yes. If it’s in the ‘no’ pile, then your answer is no.

Four-Pile Spread

A variation of this yes no Tarot is the four-pile spread. The exact same method is used, with the only difference being the use of four piles instead of two. You can adapt this spread to suit your question, but the commonly used piles are yes, no, maybe, and unclear.

‘Maybe’ suggests that your actions will influence the outcome of your question. ‘Unclear’ suggests that pieces are still falling into place.


Is a yes or no Tarot accurate? It might surprise you to hear that the accuracy depends largely on the question that you ask. With a yes-no tarot reading, you have to be specific enough to avoid any confusion, but also not so specific that you rule out possibilities.

Let’s consider a couple of possibilities, assuming that for your free Tarot reading yes or no are your only options. “Is she the one?” is an example of a poorly word question.

Who is “she”? What does it mean for someone to be “the one”? It could mean the person you’ll love, the person you’ll marry, or something entirely different. With this Tarot reading, yes or no might confuse you further.

“Is Sarah the love of my life?” This is a better example. There’s no room for confusion as far as a yes-no Tarot is concerned.

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