9 Creepy Tarot cards you’ll want to Avoid!

tarot cards

In this article, we will explore 9 cards that you should be happy to avoid. Before we begin, it’s important to note that all of these cards have varying meanings and interpretations, but these are the tarot cards more negative aspects.

Tarot Cards interpretation

Tarot cards require a great deal of interpretation and the overall meaning from reading can differ greatly depending on the combination of cards and the direction they face. With that in mind, there are some creepy tarot cards that it is better to hope you avoid.


It’s hardly surprising that people would be worried about getting one of these creepy tarot cards. This card (perhaps more so than the others) is the one that people fear the most. Many cards can have varying meanings and interpretations but the most common meaning behind the death card is death.

This could refer to physical death but even when it doesn’t it can still be a warning of another form of death: the death of your belief, the death of your spirituality, or even an emotional death. There is rarely a great way to interpret this card and even the “more positive” interpretations still signify that something is coming to an end.

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The Devil

When it comes to bad tarot cards, the Devil is another example of one that most people hope to avoid. It can symbolize bondage, materialism (particularly the destructive desire to chase materialist goals), addictions (including sexuality), and detachment.

Many interpret the meaning of this tarot card’s prediction as being related to an inescapable situation. This would more often than not be an unpleasant situation such as being stuck in unemployment or finding yourself involved in immoral acts with no way out. It’s certainly not one of the best tarot cards you could reveal.


There are varying sword cards you could reveal. Let’s explore them below:

10 Swords

There are varying sword cards you could reveal. For example, the 10 swords card usually depicts a dead man/woman lying face down with ten swords stuck into their back. Are these tarot cards bad? Well, when it comes to the swords card, it certainly seems clear that some are. The swords card usually has a pretty basic meaning: betrayal, which is represented by the swords in the back.

However, there are deeper meanings to this card than betrayal. It can be representative of oppression, conflict and this tarot card’s prediction can be related to action: good or bad. In some cases, the action it is predicting can be destructive: self-destructive or otherwise.

Two Swords

Another example would be the two swords card. This card focuses more on your own mental state and represents the shutting down of your emotional state. There are of course many interpretations and it can combine with other cards. The image usually depicts a man/woman who is blindfolded, holding up two swords to try and defend themselves…but without being able to see the danger, you don’t know how to defend yourself. That is why this card often highlights your lack of awareness regarding the approaching threat.


The cup’s card does vary depending on the number but can highlight a current mental state but also predict a future one. This mental state is one of grief. It’s important to recognize the distinction between sadness and grief: you may be sad that your favorite TV show got canceled but you would grieve over the death of a loved one.

If you’re doing a 6 card tarot reading and find the cups card along with the death card then that could point to the very real possibility that the loss of a loved one is approaching. This won’t always be the meaning but it is certainly a potential one.

The Hierophant

Another of the cards you’re better to avoid completely is the Hierophant. This card represents your own desperation and the lengths you’re willing to go to in order to achieve your goal. On the surface, this may seem like a positive card but it actually highlights a weakness.

Many interpret this card as representing your willingness to sell your soul in order to feel a small sense of security or safety. Many people who are lost will lash at and grab any opportunity they can take, no matter how dark or immoral it may be. This card can suggest that you are one of these people.

The Hanged Man

When it comes to tarot reading cards with a disturbing image, few compare to the Hanged Man. The card is often misunderstood as representing death but when we look at the image and its meaning in a more in-depth manner, we find what it truly represents. Where the death card represents death and the 10 swords cards represent betrayal, the Hanged Man represents the act of people turning on you.

It doesn’t necessarily point to betrayal but rather that your side is no longer the right option for them. It could be that new information has come to light or that your own actions have turned them against you.

The Wands

There are varying Wands cards that you could come face to face with. One that troubles most people (especially if they have already turned over the Hanged Man or the 10 Swords card) is the 4 Wands card. This card usually displays a group of people fighting with long sticks. This card doesn’t represent physical violence but rather it shows arguments, conflict, and differing views.

What is most intimidating about this card is that the conflict and argument aren’t between you and strangers but rather you and close friends or even family. You need to try your best to stop this card from becoming a reality.

The Moon

The moon doesn’t have an image that appears evil or negative at first glance but as we explore the deeper meanings of this card, we find why it can be so intimidating. One interpretation for this card is complete fear and hopelessness.

If you’re doing a 6 card tarot then you’ll have to hope that the moon card isn’t combined with any of the other cards on this list as it makes the predictions for the future even grimmer.

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