How to Perform a Chakra test to Check for Energy Imbalance!

Chakra Test

If only there was some sort of Chakra test you could use to check for an imbalance…Luckily, that’s exactly what we’re going to explore today.  Chakras are the 7 energy hubs that exist within all of us. They allow spiritual energy to flow uninterrupted from one end of our body to the other.

However, these hubs can become blocked and impede the flow of energy, leading to some rather unpleasant consequences. We’ll start off by looking at the role of Chakras and the reasons why their functionality is so important. 

We’ll then explore some of the incredibly simple, yet effective techniques that you can use in the comfort of your own home for detecting an energy imbalance within yourself. Let’s dive right in!

What Are Chakras?

For those of you unfamiliar with Chakras, they are in the energy hubs that exist within us. We each have 7 in total and before we can learn how to carry out a Chakra balance test, we must understand where each of these Chakras is located.

After all, you can’t perform a 7 Chakras test if you only know where 5 of them are. Starting at the top, we have the Crown Chakra which is located at the top of your head, like a crown.

Next, we have the Third Eye Chakra which is found on your forehead, above but between your two eyes.

Then we have the Throat Chakra which is an easy one to find due to its name. If you hadn’t guessed, you can find it on your throat. Similarly, your Heart Chakra is in the center of your chest.

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As we reach the lowest three Chakras, we come to the Solar Plexus Chakra. This one is located just above your belly button. Next is the Sacral Chakra which you’ll find within your lower abdomen, slightly lower than the previous Chakra.

Finally, we have the Root Chakra which is housed at the bottom of your spine. Remember, these Chakras are spiritual energy hubs and so don’t have physical locations on your body. The areas we just covered are simply guides.

Chakra Energy Imbalance

So, why is it so important to be able to carry out a Chakras test? Well, despite the Chakras being energy hubs, if they become blocked, so does the flow of energy.

This leads to an imbalance throughout the entire body which in turn can cause physical, spiritual, mental, or emotional side effects. Thus the need for a Chakra cleansing.

Think of each Chakra as being a water dam, and the flow of energy being water. If too much water passes through at once then the river could dry up in some of the higher points.

If too little water passes through, then the river could flood in the higher points. The concept is similar to your spiritual energy: parts of your being can end up with too much or too little energy.

If you’ve ever found yourself feeling fatigued, lethargic, agitated, grumpy, hostile, angry, or depressed, it’s possible that one or more of your Chakras has become blocked and created an imbalance of energy.

So what sort of Chakra test can you perform to discover if that is the case?

Performing a Chakra test

There are two main ways to perform a Chakra test in order to determine if your energy is out of balance. One method is simpler, but the other is more effective.

We’re going to explore both, just in case you don’t have the time to carry out the slightly longer and more complicated Chakra test. As is the case with many spirituality issues, meditation plays a key role and is also the first technique we’re going to look at.


Meditation is a hugely beneficial practice that everyone should get into the habit of doing. We won’t explore its benefits now, other than those related to performing a Chakra test. As we already discussed, this approach is easier but is also less effective.

To begin, enter a meditative state, use any method that you know,  like the Ascension Wow Meditation. If you’ve never meditated before then I’d recommend following a guided meditation or simply take slow, deep breaths, counting each exhales and inhales until you get to 10, where you then start again at 1.

Meditation allows your mind to become aware of each thought as it enters your consciousness. It also allows you to pick up on subtle imbalances within your mind, body, or spirit.

While in your meditative state, simply perform a Chakra test by scanning up and down your body, moving from one Chakra to the next. If you feel drawn towards one or more of your Chakras, then it’s likely that some part of you is trying to draw attention to that area.

From here, you’d simply focus on clearing any blockage, perhaps through visualizing a dam breaking or a blockage is cleared. Do this until you feel the energy move on from that spot.

Scanning Your Chakras

The second type of Chakra test is more thorough. If you have any crystals, you can make use of them here. The approach is like the above technique but ideally, you’d want to be lying on your back.

Enter a meditative state and then lift your hand over your Root Chakra (at the base of your spine). If you do have a crystal, hold it in your hand above your Root Chakra.

If you could use some extra assistance, don’t be afraid to call on your angels for guidance. They can help direct you towards any potential problems. Allow your hand to hover over each Chakra for about a minute, or 2 minutes if you want to be thorough.

Pay attention to any changes within yourself such as your heart rate increasing, a change in temperature (hot or cold), tingling sensations, or sounds such as buzzing. Any change can be a signal that your Chakra test has successfully detected a blockage.

Whenever a blockage is detected, focus on it and concentrate all your energy towards that spot. You should feel a sense of relief whenever the blockage is removed, and that Chakra’s energy flow returns to normal.

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