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The Book of Angels


Angels are beings that belong to the angelic realm. There are many different types of Angels in the Angel hierarchy, knowing all of them is not necessary, but knowing well about your own Guardian Angel is something you should be aware of. Apart from your Guardian Angel, there are Archangels, and normal angels as well. Getting to know about to angels in itself is a blessing.

These special beings have separate duties which are assigned to them by the Divine. Knowing the angel names is not needed but knowing when to call upon which angel is necessary if you want immediate help. Every angel and archangel is known for a specific specialty he/she has. Every angel has something he/she is very good at, just like every human has something that he/she is good at. Thus, for you to understand the importance of that speciality possessed by a certain Angel, you need to know the angel names so that when you make prayer, it is effective and heard as soon as it is prayed.

Help, Guidance, Or Assistance

Whenever we are in need of help, guidance, or assistance, we pray. We pray to the angels to help, guide, and assist us. The Book of Angels is an e-Book written to give you a full tour around the perfect ways to pray in certain times of need. It highlights the best methods that you can adapt for your prayers to be answered as soon as possible in the least amount of time, in a very effective and positive way. For it to benefit you, you need to explore every mystery, every challenge, and every piece of information that has been compiled for your ease at getting the maximum knowledge about angels that you can.

There are many angel names, all of which have been explained in the Book of Angels, in-depth with enough information to help you make your prayer. The angel names have been extracted from the Holy Bible and are very authentic as they can be referred from the Bible itself. To know everything about making a prayer, how it is heard, and how it is accepted, the Book of Angels gives a complete package to enlighten you about what you need enlightenment for.

This e-Book has the power of the Angels compiled into one piece so that all the positivity and luminous influence can be used for your benefit. Knowledge is power, and the knowledge of the Angels gives you the power to make your life better in ways that you can explore by giving yourself a chance to read this e-Book. It is never too late to become a better person, it is never too late to repent, and it is never too late to learn… know all the tips and small tricks to fill your life with the light of the angels that resonate positive energies. The angels are always near you to help you in times of need, how to call upon them in the best way has been described in the Book of Angels.

Book of Angels!

All angel names have a special meaning attached to it. The Book of Angels is the perfect guide that can assist you in knowing more about “Who is your Guardian Angel”, “the Angel Hierarchy”, “Names of Angels”, “Types of Angels”, “List of Angels”, and anything and everything about angels that you need to know. It is a perfect angels guide for you. It is an all in one angels guide, compiled for your ease so that you do not have to go looking around in different places to learn more about angels and how they work. Any information about angels that you need, you will find it in this e-Book. The Book of the Angels is the book you need!


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