White Aura – Unveil the hidden truth about the White Aura!

White Aura

In this article, we are going to explore the white aura meaning and how it can vary depending on the shade of white that is visible. We’ll start by exploring the concept of auras. Auras can reveal a lot about a person but being able to see them is just the start, you still need to understand what the different colors represent.

However, it goes one step further than this as each color also has several different shades and each of these can reflect different qualities that belong to that specific aura. 

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What is an Aura?

What is an aura? What is my aura? What does aura mean? These are likely questions you’re asking yourself. Auras can seem a little bizarre when you first start learning about them but the premise is relatively simple.

They are essentially spiritual energy shields that exist to protect us from spiritual harm, usually by deflecting negative energy and collecting positive energy. Humans aren’t alone in having auras as all living things on the planet have one in some form or another.

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White auras possess significant spiritual relevance and you need to understand their meaning! The color white symbolizes:

  • Purity and this rings true when it comes to auras,
  • A white aura is a pure aura, one that is free of negative energies.

How can you achieve such a state? What does it mean to reach this level of your spiritual development? Consult your Guardian Angel to learn more about white auras!

What Does It Mean To Have A White Aura?

It’s even said that angels and other spiritual beings also possess auras but in a much more powerful form. So what does a white aura mean? Well, before we look at what we have to understand what the colors of an aura generally represent.

The color of an aura relates to the varying inputs of that person’s life. So someone with a blue aura will live a different sort of life or have a different personality to someone with a Red Aura.

Every part of who we are goes into the power of our aura: our health, diet, spirituality, happiness, religious belief, and much more. As we explore the Aura Colors’ meaning, we will begin to see that white auras are the extreme ends of the aura color spectrum.

FYI, you can also perform an Aura color quiz, to know better and to answer to: What color is my aura?

White Aura – The Shades of White

A white aura is slightly different from other colors. With a blue or red aura, you will have several different shades such as a light shade, dark shade, bright shade, and others. With a white aura, you’re typically limited to varying strengths of the same shade.

For example, you can get a pure white shade. This will be the whitest white that anyone could achieve. The only other alternative is a shade of white that is more akin to grey. You could describe this as a dull white or dim white but you would be able to tell by looking at it that the shade wasn’t pure white.

Let’s take a look at each.

Pure White

This shade of white aura is, as you can probably imagine, a very symbolic color. What does the color white mean? It symbolizes purity, peace, cleanliness, and healing. If you’re even slightly familiar with angels and their powers, you’ll recognize white light as being the healing light that many will cast down.

This light can remove negative energy, repair spiritual wounds, and aid in physical recovery. It is often said that God’s light is a powerful white light. So you’re probably beginning to grasp an understanding of what a white aura is likely to represent, at least in its purest shade.

The Two Pure White Groups

There are typically two groups of people who will display a white aura and despite these groups being entirely different, they are similar in a few striking ways. The first group of people that is likely to show this shade of white is newborns or very young children.

They haven’t experienced the world and are still innocent in mind, body, and soul. They aren’t actively trying to achieve this state but due to their blank slate nature at this age, they are unable to drift from complete purity.

The other group is older, typically much older, and these are people who have worked much if not all of their life to achieve spiritual enlightenment. This can come in many forms: it could be that they are highly religious and through their own religious practices they have ascended to higher energy level states.

However, you don’t have to be religious to be spiritual and someone who has forged their own path down a moral road can still achieve this shade of white aura. This is a rare state for an adult to reach and typically it’s a shade of white most commonly associated with angels.

Non-Pure White

There would be little point in discussing the varying levels of non-pure white. You could have a shade that is only ever so slightly off pure white or you could have one that is much closer to a dark grey.

The truth of the matter is that if your aura is white but not pure white then it’s typically reflecting an anchor in your life that is weighing you down. For many people, this will be an internal weight perhaps related to their religion or spirituality.

It could be something as simple as a doubt that can’t be shaken or a desire for the material world that hinders spiritual progress. However, for some people, it will be an environmental hindrance.

For example, some people will feel trapped within a society, struggling to find the time or the quiet to fully explore their own spirituality. Such people would be fully capable of achieving that pure white shade of aura but due to their surroundings (whether it be people or places) will seem unable to go beyond a sort of cloudy or murky white.

Sometimes, the best solution in situations such as these is to take some time to escape every aspect of your daily life. Taking a holiday away from your job, your friends, your family, and your home can give you the spiritual boost that you need to get a pure white aura.

Strive to Achieve a Pure White Aura

A pure white aura is often the reward for becoming the best version of yourself. People gain this color of aura when they have let go of their ego and put their energy into the service of humanity.

Regardless of what stage you’re currently at in your spiritual journey, you should seek to embody the traits of the pure white aura personality. Lay the foundations for your future self and focus your journey along the right path.

Search deep within to find your heart’s desires and align them with your soul mission to acquire the destination your journey is taking you. You can then take each step with the knowledge of where you are going and what destiny has in store for you.

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