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Long live music!


It accompanies us on a daily basis, it brings us joy, it makes us dance, it relaxes us, it soothes us… Music is riddled with qualities! Turn this ally into a friend. It only wants what’s best for you!

Well-being on a daily basis

Music is a genuine anti-anxiety tool in life. Case in point, doesn’t the saying go like this: “music has charms to soothe a savage breast”?

Here is what I strongly recommend: choose music you like and listen to it anytime you can (in your car, in the woods, while you sing or when you dance)!…

However, make sure you always opt for “positive” music. Let me explain: scientists used two plants derived from the same young shoot and exposed one of them to Mozart’s music, while the other one was put in a “hard rock” environment. After a month, the first plant (“irrigated” by Mozart) had doubled in size and was in robust health whereas the other one (exposed to hard rock) had perished!

Beneficial actions proven by science

Music really has a beneficial influence. It is increasingly used in hospitals to reassure patients and destress them before an operation…

In the underground and in parking lots, we often hear classical music… This helps decrease acts of vandalism and aggressions!

There is also soothing music designed to favor well-being and make falling asleep easier.
You can choose from many types of music to relax: classical music, Gregorian chants, jazz, sacred music

So listen to the music you like as often as you can!


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