Can your friend who keeps disappearing be an Angel in Human Form?

angel in human form

Angels surround us wherever we are. They guide and protect us, and sometimes they hover over our shoulder watching over us, giving us a feeling that we’re not alone. When we’re struggling in life or going through a problem, they show us signs to help us get through it.

This is how most people connect with their guardian angels, through signs and senses. But sometimes, very rarely, people see an angel in human form.

Why don’t angels appear in a human form more often?

These instances occur only very rarely when there is an absolute need for an angel visit. This may lead to a more practical interaction so that the message can be conveyed to us clearly and without any ambiguity.

Angels appear hardly in a human form. If they started moving around among us, mere mortals, we would not be able to focus on anything else. They would be a source of distraction. There would not be enough space for them or us.

They belong to the heavenly world, and the distinction between the two worlds is not for the sake of discrimination but has a reason known to God, the creator of all things.

This is why they don’t appear in human form except when they feel the absolute need to do so.

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Angel in human form as light

You’re sitting at your desk late at night, and there is nobody else in your office. Suddenly you see a bright burst of light across your field of vision. What follows is confusion about where the light came from, whether it was someone breaking in or some other unresolved mystery.

Angels on earth in human form may appear as specks of light that are very difficult to look at, glowing orbs or constant streams.

These sightings usually happen when you’re by yourself whether at home or work or in a park or anywhere. This gives you a glimpse of the divine nature of the beings that are always around us.

Angels appearing in this form are usually focused on you alone hence give you a sense of being special. Sometimes when you’re too focused on seeing angels in human form, your mind starts playing tricks with you but you need to let loose and let the angels appear if they want and when they want.

Shadows, Cloud or mist, and Angel in human form

Have you ever been ridiculed after narrating a possible ghost sighting? You were sitting by yourself reading a book and suddenly suspect that someone is staring at you or passing by.

Your friends usually make fun of you, but you’re not the only one to experience this feeling. Sometimes an angel in human form appears like a seeing shadow giving a glimpse to those who can see.

Others might observe clouds in the shape of an angel while enjoying a lazy Sunday in the park. Angels use different ways to manifest themselves in front of humans, to communicate with Men.

Sometimes they appear as mist, a vague figure forming and disappearing before your eyes making you doubt if you ever saw it in the first place. All of these angel visits have a standard feature of subtlety to them.

They don’t use grand gestures to show their presence. They drop hints that have to be recognized by us. It’s up to us to make of the clouds we saw in the sky as angels or mass of condensed water vapor floating above.

Wearing Wings

Our first interaction with angels was through cartoons. They were depicted as beings with a pair of wings wearing flowy white robes, a yellow belt, and a gold ring hovering above their heads.

Would it be too bizarre to think that angels could look like this? Sometimes angel in human form appears in this avatar. And what about finding a feather and thinking about its mystical power? Although it sounds magical, it is also terrifying at the same time.

If you’ve witnessed this, you understand what I’m talking about. Even if you haven’t, picture in your mind an angel mighty standing in front of you with its long white wings fluttering. Does it give you goosebumps? Well, you’re not the only one who feels that way.

Why would the angels appear as beings that scare humans when they would never so much as hurt a fly? This is because it’s easier to recognize them in a form that we are most familiar with.

When they appear in this form, there is no confusion or ambiguity about who they are and why they are here. This is the truest depiction of an angel in human form, as close as it gets while keeping the divine nature of the beings intact.

Angels in human form

So, we’ve been talking about how to recognize an angel in human form, all the possible ways they can. What if the angel appears as a human and not just a human-like creature? This form is the most relatable one for humans.

We can associate with them as fellows and don’t feel intimated as in the case of winged angels or mist and shadows. It’s often hard to tell at first if you’ve met an angel or a human, but later when your mind processes the encounter, it starts falling into place and you realize that you have met an angel.

Have you ever met an angel?

You could be in a line waiting for your turn when a kind stranger weaves an interesting conversation giving out words of advice. You have been fired from your job, and you’re sitting on a bench in the park feeling lost and confused.

You don’t know how you will afford the place that you have leased till the next year and pay the bills while maintaining your lifestyle. An old man asks if he can sit by your side as he is tired from his long walk that’s been prescribed by his doctor to keep him active and to move.

He inquires about your worries, and you narrate the events without hesitation because you need someone to listen. He offers advice, and you feel better after the conversation.

As a token of your appreciation, you excuse yourself to get him something to eat, but when you come back, he’s gone as if he was never there. Maybe he was only in your mind. You have interacted with an angel in human form but even if you didn’t realize it, as long as the interaction helps, that’s what matters.

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