Everything You Need To Know About Angels in the Bible

Angels in the Bible

There has always been a fascination about angels, particularly about what do angels look like. We picture them as heavenly beings with wings but what about the angels in the bible?

They have repeatedly been mentioned in different verses often as winged creatures and sometimes as existing in human form.

Read on to find out 24 interesting facts about Angels in the Bible, that you are probably not aware of!

Sometimes they are even said to look like a lion or ox if seen from a particular angle. There have been surrounding enigma angels who often come down for our help, showing us signs to make their presence felt or to get their message across.

There is a lot that you can read about angels in the Bible:

1- Angels are God’s creations

This is something that we are all aware of, but a little reminder never hurt anybody. Like all other things, God is the sole creator of the earth, the heavens, and all the beings in them including the angels.

There are many bible verses about angels that talk about their creation by He the Almighty.

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2- Angels will always live

Many verses about angels in the bible talk about the immortal nature of the angels. They will never die like humans do because they aren’t angelic beings created to live forever.

3- Angels have always lived

Many bible verses about angels talked about their presence when God was creating the world. The angels were there when we and our homes were being created, and they will continue to be there long after we are washed away. They are eternal.

4-  What does the bible say about angels getting married?

No matter how human they appear, they are heavenly beings much different from us. Angels don’t marry and reproduce. They are entities that live forever on their own.

5- Angels are the wisest

Angels often give signs to us to guide us and shed their wisdom to get us through the worst of times. Angels in the Bible are said to have divine knowledge that they often share with the other creations of God.

6- Role in assisting

Angels know what’s going down on earth and among its beings and they often play their role in assisting and guiding them.

7-  Angels can fly

Although in human form, they walk and behave like us, a biblical angel can spread its wings and fly looking over everything that’s in its reach.

8- Angels should not be worshipped

What does the Bible say about angels? One of the most important things to keep in mind is that they are a creation of God like his many other creations and hence should not be put on a pedestal for worship.

9-  Angels have a will

It is often assumed that angels only follow orders but the angels in the bible are described as beings who can exercise free will and make choices.

10- Angels laugh and cry

How are angels described in the bible? They are said to have raw emotions just like us and are perfectly capable of feeling joy and happiness.

11- Omnipresent and omnipotent

Angels have been since the conception of the world and before and will survive long after it has been destroyed. Biblical angels are present all around protecting and guiding us.

12- Angels obey their creator

Although the Bible talks about some angels who have rebelled and disobeyed God, most of them are loyal and faithful to the one and only Creator of all things.

13- List of angels in the bible

Their names have mentioned only three angels. There are Gabriel, Michael, and Lucifer.

14- Archangels

Only one angel is said to be superior to the other. There is the possibility that there are others who are referred to as “chief angels” but in the angels in the Bible, the only one mentioned with this name is Michael.

15- Angels report to God

God created angels. Hence they report to Him and carry out His order, follow His command and comply with His wishes.

16- Angels announced the birth of Jesus

The angels in the Bible were responsible for announcing the arrival of the Prophet as they were given this noble task by God.

17- How are angels described in the bible?

Angels are said to help out humans when they are in trouble or facing a challenge in life. They offer wisdom and protect against the cruelties of the world.

18- Angels will join us in the heavens

Although it is said for angels in the bible that they will not perish, they will enter the heavens with us and live amongst us.

19- Cherubim

Some angels are referred to by the word ‘cherubim’ which is just another way of describing an angelic being.


Angels in the bible are also called seraphim which is just another word for angelic beings known to have a high ranking in the celestial hierarchy.

21- List of angel names

In the bible, angels are called messengers, watchers, military hosts, sons of the mighty, sons of Gods, and chariots. All of these are descriptions of their role and status.

22- Each one of us has a guardian angel

Angels in the Bible are described as having the role of a guardian for humans. They help them out by motivating, guiding, and protecting whatever the need may be.

23- Angels can’t physically hurt

If you’re wondering if angels get into fights and hurt each other when they are angry, sorry to disappoint you but you will not be witnessing an angel whimpering after a battle because it will not happen.

24- Angels don’t look like babies

What do angels look like? They don’t look like the babies that are painted to depict them at all. They are mighty beings that are beyond the grasp of the human mind.

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