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Living the present moment to the fullest


Does it ever happen – like it does for most people – that, as the day draws to an end, you get the impression that it passed like a flash of lightning? It certainly does. Let’s look into this phenomenon…

Time, this unknown element

Everybody lives in the present moment. Yet, few are those who are aware of it. Our modern lifestyle prompts us to run, fill our agenda with a thousand important (or not) things – the goal being to occupy ourselves as much as we can, every minute.

Is it your case too? Has your day already gone by like a flash of lightning? This can be interpreted in two ways:

  • The first positive way is that you haven’t been faced with misfortune during that day; because, when you suffer, time drags on and on and every minute seems like an eternity.
  • The second and negative way is that you could not live this day with full awareness. In such a case, you missed the most important thing: the succession of moments that can – provided that you know how to seize them – bring infinite happiness.

Times slips through our fingers

In most cases, if you go through your day at the speed of lightning, without taking the time to rest or enjoy the slightest moment,  you do what almost everybody else does: you let time slip through your fingers as you vaguely wait for something to happen. Something positive, of course. You even dream about the impossible sometimes. Still, most of the time, nothing happens.

So you think about tomorrow and you tell yourself that the next day will be more interesting, more brilliant than today. But tomorrow may not turn out to be this good. Days go by and, as you think about it and as you watch time pass you by and years go by too quickly, you may start feeling a lump in your throat.

Time, a moment to tame

What I wish to help you understand is that the Key to Happiness does not lie in a hypothetical future, even less in the dead past, but in the “present” moment.

I also want to convince you that the “present time” is a real gift from Heaven and that the present moment is eternity. Finally, I want to teach you that it is possible to live life in the here and now to the fullest. Being aware of it is the first step.

My tip: take a few minutes for yourself every day; rest a bit, drink tea or a simple glass of water. Savor these minutes of peace, enjoy the silence.


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