Shuffling Tarot Cards – Know more about it!

shuffling tarot cards

When it comes to shuffling tarot cards, you may be a little uncertain about whether one technique is better than the other. In this article, we will be exploring how to properly shuffle tarot cards. Of course, there are several different techniques you can use to shuffle your deck. We’ll take a look at techniques such as the scrambling method, the Cowie push/put method, and of course the casino style. We’ll start off by taking a look at the important aspects involved in learning how to shuffle a tarot deck.

The Magic Touch

Shuffling tarot cards isn’t a hugely complicated task but learning how to shuffle tarot cards correctly is a different story. Shuffling tarot cards isn’t simply a case of mixing the cards up.

It’s not the same situation as a game of poker whereby you’re simply trying to avoid the same cards being dealt as before. Knowing how to shuffle tarot cards correctly is all about touching them.

By touching every single card, you are connecting your energy to each individual one. This allows for a more precise reading. So by shuffling them in an incorrect manner, you’re starting yourself off at a disadvantage.

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Shuffling Tarot Cards – Methods to know

We are going to explore three methods in particular for shuffling tarot cards. Each of these techniques allows for maximum contact with each card while also carrying out the function of shuffling in an effective manner.

Having the cards mixed up is still an important part of shuffling but just bear in mind that it isn’t the only function you’re trying to carry out. You can use any of these methods or an entirely different one but we’ll start off with what is potentially the least effective technique of the three: casino style.

Casino Style of Shuffling

When you’re learning how to properly shuffle tarot cards, this may be the first technique that comes to mind. It’s not the most simple but it does look more professional. In terms of making contact with each card, this one does have room for error.

To carry out this technique, you’re going to split the deck of tarot cards into two, holding one in each hand. You’re then going to place them face down on the table with your thumbs under each deck. Lift both decks up on one side and as the cards are released from your thumb, merge the two halves of the deck together.

You can do this until you’re satisfied with the level of shuffling and card contact.

Cowie Push/Put Method

Learning how to shuffle tarot cards correctly becomes a little easier with the Cowie push/put method. This is another one you’ve probably seen before. Split the deck of tarot cards into two. Hold half the deck in each hand and use your dominant hand to drop one or two cards onto one side of the other deck.

Then do the same on the other. Repeat this until all the cards are now in one hand. It’s better to do this technique more than once to achieve a proper shuffle.

Scramble Method

This technique is by far the simplest and most effective but just doesn’t look hugely professional. It requires you to place the deck face down on the table and simply begin spreading the cards across the table with both hands, mixing them up like a blender.

You can do this for as long as you wish but the longer you do it, the more contact you make with each card, and the more effectively the deck is shuffled.

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