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Have You Ever Tried a Free Angel Card Reading?

free angel card reading 

Angels are angelic beings that belong to the angelic realm. The angelic realm is a world beyond the world we can see or live in. However, the only thing we know is that it exists, and its sole purpose is to help, assist, and guide us in our lives. We attain this help, assistance, and guidance with the help of the blessings of the angels. Free angel card reading and readings, are conducted online to help you in various aspects of your life. You might have heard about them, but never tried them… it is time for you to try it on your own and see what the veil hides behind.

What is a card reading?

Card reading, as the name suggests, is the reading of cards to analyze your current life and your near future. It is a way to take a look at your situation and provide you with valuable information that can affect your current and future life. The free angel card reading is a great platform to get answers to questions that normal human beings can’t give you.

There are often and stages in life where some questions come to your mind. But, you do not know who to consult, or who to ask to get the answer to your question. That is when a free angel card reading comes to use. Free angel card readings can answer the unanswered questions. These readings are known as angel readings as well because the angels bless these readings with their love and light.



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What are oracle cards?

Oracle cards are also known as wisdom cards or angel tarot cards. These cards are used for divination, fortune telling, astrology, and spiritual guidance.

We all know that angels are always around us to help, guide, and assist us in our everyday lives. It can be your guardian angel, the archangels, or just the angels who listen to your prayer and accept them to help you with whatever matter needs helping.

The oracle cards can be blessed with the light and love of these angels so that whatever the outcome of the reading is, is going to be authentic and valid; thus, should be taken.

These oracle cards can answer questions of any type and any sort. You are not bound by anything when deciding what to ask. The card reader will help you decode the message of the card that you have picked.

How to do a free angel card reading?

Angel card readings, as suggested by the name, are done in the presence of the angels. A set of steps are given here to guide you how to do a free angel card reading:

  • Call upon the angels to connect with them

Since the free angel card reading requires you to connect with the angels, you have to call upon them by making a prayer so that your reading can be blessed with their love and their light. You can ask the angels, the archangels, or your guardian angel to bless your reading; all of them belong to the angelic realm and have the ability to bless your reading.

To make a prayer, you need to have a pure heart and mind and then pray. Your prayer can be something like the following:

Oh Angels, I call upon you so that you can fill me with your love and your light. I ask you to bless my card reading with your guidance and assistance. Please, help me in my time of need as only you are capable of helping me. 

  • Think of a question that you want to ask and focus on it

You have to think of a question but before that… clear your mind of any thoughts that you might be having. You need to EMPTY your mind to get the accuracy you want.

Once you have cleared your mind, and you are sure that it is empty, you can think of the one question to which you want an answer.

When you have decided on the question, you need to start focusing on it as hard as you can. You need to forget the world, the people, and everything about it and just make the question your primary focus.

  • Pick a card from the deck

It’s time now to pick a card from the deck to analyze it and get on with the reading.

While you are picking the card, you need to focus the hardest on your question, and you will realize being surrounded by light which is entering into the card you are selecting. That light portrays the fact that the angels are in your presence and are blessing your reading. This confirms that the prayer that you made in the first step has been listened to and been accepted.

  • Analyze the reading and find your answer

Now that you have your card, you need to understand it. This is the most crucial part of your free angel card reading process. You need to see the card you picked and then read what it says.

While looking at the card, you need to follow your initial intuition. When you see your card, you will feel a lot of things at the same time. However, you need to focus on the initial intuition that you get. You need to retain that feeling with yourself and connect it to the card reading to conclude.

Analyzing can be difficult

Analyzing the outcome of the card that you have picked is not an easy task. Most often when you ask a “Yes” or “No” question, the answer does not come in a “Yes” or “No.” a positive card does not mean “Yes,” and a negative card does not mean “No.”

The same way, when you ask for an outcome, the card might not be an indication of an outcome alone. There is a lot of room to be misunderstood by the reading of the card, and that is why it is preferred to consult a card reader; who is a professional at free angel card readings. These readers are blessed with abilities which enable them to fully analyze the card and give the most accurate and relevant explanation for the card that has been picked.

You need to believe

Believing sounds like an easy thing to do, but most often we have difficulty in it. It is also taken as a “not-so-important” thing in our lives. However, it is very vital in situations like this.

For example, when you call upon the angels to bless your free angel card reading with their love and light, you expect them to do so. You believe in the fact that they will come and, so they do. If you did not believe them, if you did not believe that they will be available to help, guide, and assist you, then they would not have blessed your card reading at all.

Then, when you are to face your outcome and analyze your reading, you believe that the angels are guiding you to the best of your life. Whatever the outcome, it will benefit you; even if it is negative. Not always will you have a positive outcome because failure is a part of what makes up your life?

The moment you stop believing, you will witness changes in life that you did not before. Believing is a powerful tool that you need to equip yourselves with if you want to succeed in life. You can see it as a pillar of strength that makes you strong and gives you the power to hold put to your doings.

Don’t let the ego get to you

Ego plays its role at every stage of your life but, you need to believe that you are stronger than it. You know that ego is kicking in your reading when the fear of not getting the response you want is present.

If you read angel cards, you need to be very aware not to use them in hopes of protecting your ego. That will be a disgrace to you and the angels whom you had called upon to safeguard just your ego. Use the angel card reading in a positive way.

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