Understanding the Angel Number 4!

Angel Number 4

With the angel number 4, it might take some time to notice that you’re seeing this number repeatedly. What does the number 4 mean? To answer that, we’ll have to explore the basics of angel numbers, before delving into how number 4 numerology ties into other aspects of our lives.

Angel Numbers can appear anywhere in our lives, and the first step to understanding their meaning is actually noticing the numbers in the first place. When an angel number is slightly more obscure, we tend to find ourselves noticing it a lot easier than the more common numbers.

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What are Angel Numbers?

Angel numbers, in simple terms, are spiritual messages sent by our angels directly to us. We, as individuals, are the only ones capable of noticing these numbers as being messages.

When angels are trying to use this form of angelic communication, they shift our attention so that our conscious minds feel drawn towards certain numbers. This gives the impression of them appearing more often than usual.

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There is a degree of intuition required when attempting to understand the meaning of any angel number, specifically with numbers such as 4, which is a core number (something we’ll look at in a moment).

However, there are some general meanings that we know are associated with any given angel number. As we explore the number 4 meaning, we’ll find that it covers a variety of areas.

Core Numbers

Core numbers are the foundations of any of the Angel Numbers. They are essentially the building blocks of more specific messages. Each core number carries a certain meaning or message, and by combining different combinations of numbers in different orders, your angels can provide you with more detailed messages.

Single digits (i.e. any number between 0 and 9) are the core numbers, and so the angel number 4 meaning reflects the message held by this core number.

So, what does the number 4 mean? Let’s explore the message that your angels may be sending your way with this number.

What does the number 4 mean?

Angel number 4 carries messages of positivity and encouragement. Your angels are sending you love and support, reminding you that they are always there to help whenever you may need them. You may like to know who is your Guardian Angel.

They also want you to keep in mind that they will always be around you, especially during low points or challenging moments. If you ever feel alone, try reaching out to your angels as their presence will fill you up with positive energy and emotions.

What does angel number 4 mean spiritually?

They want to provide whatever assistance they can to help you achieve your goals and desires and to help you take your first steps along your spiritual path.

This number also serves to remind you to plan for your future. It doesn’t matter what your goals are: from getting a promotion at work, improving a relationship, or attempting to raise your vibrational energy level, a plan will aid you greatly.

Through angel number 4, your angels also acknowledge that you’re a hard worker, willing to do all that is necessary to achieve your goals.

If you’re seeing 4, you’ve likely been stretched to your limit or you’re about to encounter a challenge that will seem impossible to conquer.

Your angels want you to think back to previous challenges you’ve faced and focus on the great emotional rewards of having completed them successfully.

Number 4 Numerology

So, what does 4 mean spiritually? To answer that, we must explore how number 4 numerology ties in with the angel number 4 meaning. The overall meanings associated with this angel number,  are support, guidance, positivity, and planning.

Interestingly, the number 4 suggests that in your previous life you often cut corners, doing the minimal amount of work necessary to complete a task and move on to the next one.

You rarely planned anything in that life (other than planning to cut corners) and so you often found yourself on the edge of the abyss, unsure of how long you could survive like that.

Everything balances out in life, and that is why you find yourself behaving the opposite way in this life: you’re trying to bring things back to a natural balance on a karmic and spiritual level.

What does the number 4 mean in the Bible?

When exploring angel numbers, such as angel number 4, it can sometimes be beneficial to explore how the number appears in the Bible. This isn’t a necessary step to interpreting an angel number’s meaning, but sometimes it offers an extra insight or valuable piece of information.

We find that 4 does, in fact, play a somewhat major role within scripture. For starters, there were 4 rivers in Eden: the mystical paradise that was home to God’s first creations, Adam and Eve.

If they had followed the guidance, support, and remained positive, then they wouldn’t have fallen out of favor with God and may have been able to enjoy paradise for longer than they did.

There are also 4 points on the cross, which of course represent the symbolism of sacrifice in the name of something greater. This ties into the meaning of 4 in relation to working hard and giving up material desires in search of a grander purpose.

We also find that there were 4 evangelists: John, Luke, Mark, and Matthew. These are all examples of role models who followed divine guidance to create a better world.

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