Angels and Ghosts

Angels and Ghosts

When first being introduced to all things spiritual, you often have to discuss the idea of the supernatural, which can become quite a familiar topic. Advice on this matter can be scatted so it can be helpful to get an overview. In this article, we will explore exactly that by taking a look at the concept of angels and ghosts. We’ll take a look at the difference between ghosts and spirits (such as angels) but also the difference between good and bad spirits. We’ll begin by taking a look at why angels and ghosts appear in the physical realm at all.

Angels and Ghosts in the Physical Realm

As non-physical beings, people often question why we experience them being here. The difference between spirits and ghosts applies to why they are here as well. For example, angels play an advisory role here on Earth. More often than not, an angel will appear to guide someone back onto their path or offer advice whereas ghosts aren’t here by choice.

We’ll explore the differences between spirits and ghosts later on but just know that the physical realm is not their usual place. This can present a problem for both spiritual beings and physical beings in their presence.



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Difference between Angels and Ghosts

When we’re looking at angels and ghosts there are some pretty immediate differences. Ghosts aren’t here by choice (at least in most cases). They tend to be trapped energy that has been unable to cross over. This can be due to a number of reasons such as becoming lost or sometimes not even realizing they are dead which, as you can imagine, creates complications.

Ghosts are not necessarily evil or malicious but they do have a negative impact on the world around them. Due to not being of this realm and having no physical body, they are unable to replenish energy on their own and naturally leech it from the physical beings around them.

One of the signs that you’re in the presence of a ghost is that they drain your positive energy. It can often be difficult for you to pick up on this yourself but if friends or family start asking why you’re behaving in a bizarre way that involves being tired or impatient or just displaying noticeably more negative emotions than positive.

In this situation, you have to decide what you want to do. Your best option is to help the ghost cross over. You can do this by guiding them yourself or alternatively, ask your angels for assistance. This brings us to our next point of discussion.


Angels, on the other hand, are inherently good. If they are here on Earth then it is to offer guidance. Angels can be called upon for aid but they also have their own missions to complete and will often visit Earth to check in on their wards. There’s never any reason to fear angels, even if you are perhaps a little nervous about their visit. The best thing you can do is embracing their presence in order to understand why they are here. You can use this time to ask any questions or raise any issues you may be having in life.

Further Comparisons

You can look for signs to see if an angel is present or has been present. There are some more common signs such as finding a white feather or hearing the ringing of bells. Sometimes you can feel warmth, like being hugged by some energy. Of course, if you’ve reached out to angels then the signs may be subtler as you’re already expecting them. There is another difference between ghosts and spirits. While you can’t get an angels ghost or angels ghosts, you can get ghost angels.

This isn’t some crazy phenomenon. In simple terms, once an angel they have already crossed over into the spiritual realm but ghosts are stuck in the middle so once having crossed over, there is a possibility that their spirit will become angelic. If you’re interested in seeing the difference between ghosts and angels further, simply search the Internet for real pictures of ghosts and angels and look at the noticeable visual differences.

Spirits of Loved Ones

Whether you’re looking at the difference between ghosts and spirits or the difference between good and bad spirits, angels and ghosts are not all that there is. We can also receive visits from other spirits from heaven such as loved ones. Loved ones tend to visit less than angels and they don’t get trapped here like ghosts. We can often tell pretty quickly when we’re in the presence of a loved one visiting from heaven as we feel the familiarity that we’d feel if we saw them in the streets.

Angels and ghosts – Other Spirits

Other than ghosts and angels (and of course the spirits of loved ones) there is a final spirit type that is worth mentioning. There isn’t a specific name for this type of spirit (although they have been given many) but one thing is clear: they aren’t to be trusted.

These spirit types aren’t harmful in a physical sense but they can steer you down a path you should be avoiding. Often these spirits will appear when you’re at your most vulnerable. They will offer you legitimate advice and guidance in a manner similar to that of angels.

Unfortunately, their endgame is quite different. They feed off your energy and the further down the path of darkness they lead you, the more powerful they become. They are often drawn towards people with alcohol or drug addictions but also people who are swimming in pools of negative emotions.

If you’ve ever found yourself so angry that you’re actively seeking revenge, then you would have been a prime candidate for this type of spirit. Not to worry, if you’re in any doubt simply consult with your Guardian Angel or spirit guide and ask them to identify whether this spirit is on the side of light or dark.

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